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Information for Naka Ward government building parking lot (bicycle parking lots)

Last update date April 1, 2020

About the use of Naka Ward government building parking lot

Parking lot of Naka Ward Office is limited in number and may take 1 hour or more before parking.
I would like cooperation to use public transport (train, bus) when you come to ward office.
(size of vehicle which can park includes limit. Please confirm the following.)

Business hours

  • Until Monday through Friday (except celebration holiday) from 8:45 to 18:00
  • From second fourth Saturday 9:00 to 12:30

It cannot stock and forward other than the upper time


Seven plane parking lots
(shoot one for person with a physical disability)

Can be stocked; vehicle size

Overall height: Less than 1.9 meters
Full length: Less than 4.9 meters
Overall width: Less than 1.9 meters
Weight: Less than 2.0 tons


250 yen (per 30 minutes)

About reduction of taxes of charge

In the following cases, charge reduces taxes.
As it is necessary to authenticate to stationed-in-bike-race ticket, and to handle, please receive the certification by all means at window.
1.Person (free of charge only for 60 minutes) who comes to Naka Ward Office by procedure, consultation
※When it is over 60 minutes by congestion and consultation contents of window, there is a charge for thing more than 60 minutes.
※As procedure, consultation in city hall main government building does not apply, please be careful.
※In addition, when we park in city hall main government building parking lot, only the use of city hall window is targeted for reduction of taxes and does not reduce taxes by the use of Naka Ward Office.
2.The impaired person and caregiver (※ 1)
※1.I would like the presentation of certificate of the physically disabled, notebook of love, mental patient health welfare notebook.
3.It is the use by low-emissions vehicle (※ 2)
※2.We limit electric car, plug in hybrid car, fuel cell-powered car, natural gas car toward the use. I would like the presentation of vehicle inspection certificate.

Management administration

Parking lot-designated manager: Japanese parking

(inquiry about charge of ward office parking lot)
Civic Affairs Bureau administration of a ward support department area facility section
Telephone: 045-671-2086
About charge of city hall, ward office parking lot

About bicycle parking lots

Cooperation, please that bicycle parking lots of ward office can park its bicycle and can have the next agency in foot or public transport as there is little number. In addition, you call out to staff of center, and please receive approval of bicycle parking and information for bicycle parking place when you can come to "naka inhabitant of a ward activity center" or "naka international exchange lounge" by bicycle all over ward office shut agency time.

In addition, in August, 2020, private bicycle parking lots (pay) is maintained on the sidewalk in front of ward office. Therefore when bicycle parking lots of ward office is full, we start service to be able to use this private bicycle parking lots for by the end of August and carry out experimentally for the time being.

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