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Naka Ward inhabitant of a ward attitude survey

Last update date February 5, 2020

 In Naka Ward, we grasp problem of evaluation, needs and town development of inhabitants of a ward for the administration of a ward and, for the purpose of what we utilize as the basics information about administration of a ward administration and policy making, carry out inhabitant of a ward attitude survey. We will go with inhabitants of a ward towards "town which realizes vitality if anyone is reliable" while letting the future administration of a ward reflect problem to hold of needs and Naka Ward of inhabitants of a ward whom we kept under control in this investigation.

 We carried out Naka Ward inhabitant of a ward attitude survey from July through August in 2019. We express sincere appreciation for all of you who had you cooperate with investigation while you're busy.

 In this investigation, we carried out community-based welfare, multicultural symbiosis toward development of "the fourth Naka Ward community-based welfare health planning" and next "Naka Ward multicultural symbiosis promotion action plan" as important investigation item.

 We will publish below as findings was finished.

Investigation summary

Investigation time

From July 18, 2019 to August 9

Subjects of survey

4,000 men and women (500 house foreign country family register) of residence in ward 18 years or older

Extracting method

We randomly select from Basic Resident Register

Investigation method

Questionary survey by mail


Findings report collective downloading

Findings report division downloading


Past Naka Ward inhabitant of a ward attitude survey





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