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Contact exhibition hosted by association of Naka Ward golden age club society was held!

Last update date March 7, 2019

For two days of March 7 and 8th, "the 46th contact exhibition" hosted by Naka Ward golden age club combination fair was held in the opening of a port memory hall.
There were many wonderful works which handicrafts and picture, calligraphy, elderly person including crafts concentrated inventive idea and built up and was displayed in venue, and there was masterpiece which spent period of one year on production among them.
Visitors called impression friend, too and they took photograph and enjoyed.
In addition, Mayor Takemae appreciated work with all of golden age club, too.
We enter, golden age club with interest on seeing this article, and shall we participate in various events?
For more details, please ask the association of Naka Ward golden age club society secretariat.
Contact information 045-681-8480

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