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"The sixth first yellow day (hatsukohi) talk" was held!

Last update date February 24, 2019

"The sixth first yellow day (hatsukohi) talk" that the first yellow, Hinodecho environment purification promotion meeting hosted on February 24 was held in underpass gold studio in our district.
Talk began for the purpose of various people establishing place where there were talks across fence triggered by the first yellow, the Hinodecho environment purification promotion meeting establishment tenth anniversary in November, 2013 on place of talks to think about the future of town, first yellow day.
In this year when we reached the sixth, history of town development activity of the first yellow, Hinodecho district, role of meeting were introduced and invited real estate appraiser as lecturer and talked with local resident about the past of first yellow, Hinodecho and the current change from viewpoint (change of land prices) of real estate evaluation.

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