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Event is held this year in Chinese New Year of Yokohama-Chinatown!

Last update date January 4, 2019

It was done the next agency by Naka Ward Office, and Nobuaki Takahashi, director of Yokohama-Chinatown development society cooperative, bell God's wisdom vice-director, Akio Takematsu vice-director, hinemegumifukurijicho, yogaifukurijicho, Executive Managing Director Yoichiro Ishikawa put information about Chinese New Year of Yokohama-Chinatown.
This spring knob event is Tuesday, February 19 from Tuesday, February 5. Come by all means.
※New Year holidays of the old calendar are called "Chinese New Year" in China, and there are manners and customs to celebrate grandly. Even Yokohama-Chinatown starts "Chinese New Year" in 1986 to be able to enjoy "Chinese New Year" like China and reaches the 33rd at this time.

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