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About update of Yatozaka row of cherry blossom trees

Last update date November 28, 2019

 We felled in May, 2019 because as a result of having carried out tree diagnosis by specialist in tree about row of cherry blossom trees of Yatozaka in 2018, it was diagnosed if it was difficult to retain as roadside tree by the reason of the decline of rot and growing power of a tree in trunk.
 With felling, we transplant cherry blossoms newly.
 Yoshino cherry tree is vulnerable to bacteria and pest letting the trunk inside make rot, and we fall down, and there is the risk that thing loss accidents by rakueda occur from the root. Therefore, we decided to switch tree class by this transplantation.

Construction contents

1 construction contents: (Yatozaka mechanic ward)
        Grubbing up the roots of existing cherry blossoms: Seven places
        The soil environment maintenance :Complete set
        shin* of cherry blossoms :Seven
2 construction periods: From November, 2019 to March, 2020
3 construction sections: 184, Yamatecho, Naka-ku frontage
4 construction titles: Honmoku, Naka-ku Street, one Sakuramichi, Honmoku roadside tree maintenance construction (5) others
5 construction suppliers: Ueki, Yokohama company

About transplantation position

We plan on the basis of planting point of the present situation.
※By adjustment with frontage, we transplant, and position may be changed.

About new tree planting class

New tree planting class

The equinoctial week (koshinohigan) of etsu


We are stronger in pest than Yoshino cherry tree.
Flowering time is quite the late March and early April of the same period with Yoshino cherry tree.
It is ring among in ichijusaki. Light pinkness.

 The choice reason

We chose tree of conventional row of cherry blossom trees class which resembled Yoshino cherry tree in characteristic from point of view that succeeded to flavor.
In addition, improvement of walk space is expected as branch does not stretch as Yoshino cherry tree for small planting environment on the equinoctial week of etsu.

We perform the soil environment maintenance

About maintenance of the planting soil

We improve the planting soil to promote growth of healthy cherry blossoms.
Perform about 1m digging, the upper air (60cm) is red earth + ameliorant
The lower layer (40cm) develops land for the new soil by red earth.

About preventive measures against roots above ground

We prevent future "roots above ground" and use roadbed materials that can secure void promoting growth of cherry blossoms.
Cherry blossoms can set up root enough by using these materials. In addition, we achieve duty protecting from treading.

Figure of roots above ground measures

The sidewalk restoration method

As for the pavement on the current situation Yatozaka sidewalk, it is composed of two kinds of "small pavement pavement" "stone-clad pavement". We tear off surface tarmacadam once on maintaining the soil environment and, by construction, found roadbed materials this time. Afterwards, about part of stone-clad pavement, we do reinstallation. About part of small pavement pavement, we restore at "permeable pavement" in consideration of healthy growth and barrier-free of cherry blossoms doing shin*.

The present situation pavement photograph

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