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About the opening situation from October 1

Last update date October 1, 2020

naka inhabitant of a ward activity center takes new coronavirus infection spread preventive measures and is opened.
You secure sociological distance (eyes cheap 1m) with other users enough, and please use.

About the opening date and time of 1 facility

  • From opening time ... 9:00 a.m. 9:00 p.m. (on Sunday, holiday 5:00 p.m.)
  • Sunday third for closed days ...
  • Rental room ... training room 1, training room 2, meeting area, press room
  • In use capacity ... training room 1, in 30 people, the training room 2, 12 people, meeting area are 32 people
  • We rent articles such as rental article ... PC, projector, extension cord on disinfection.
  • When there is consultation to window consultation ... center, please visit directly.
  • In the case of other ..., use of locker, letter case, press room, copier for rent for rent, please visit directly.

※The number of the use capacity is the biggest capacity. Please decide number of people depending on the use form after having secured sociological distance (eyes cheap 1m) with other users enough.
※We would like entry (there is full name, contact information mention column) of the use vote toward all consultants, users to cope at the time of viral infection development of emergency.

About infection prophylaxis of 2 this hotel

  • The staff wears mask and, for prevention of infection to user and this hotel staff, does guidance, correspondence.
  • About point conflicting with way of users in hall, we do alcohol disinfection regularly.
  • We install plastic curtain in reception desk.
  • We install alcohol disinfection in doorway.

It is asked 3 users for cooperation

  • When there is clear poor physical condition such as abnormality or lassitude of cases and taste, sense of smell 37.5 degrees or more by thermometry before visit, please write down visit. In addition, please wear mask in hall.
  • On admission, I would like alcohol disinfection and thermometry of finger.
  • Please consider a cough etiquette enough.
  • It is said that eating and drinking in hall are impossible (as for the hydration that but we are using, possible).
  • You clean, and, before the end of the use of training room, please sterilize the room to users. Afterwards, cooperation, please in the end of the early use for security at disinfection time as the center staff performs disinfectant work.
  • Please note that you use personal information that you acquired at the time of reservation and visit for follow-up survey when emergency, viral infection occurred.
  • As for the use representative of group using facility, wish does common knowledge to all about "we ask of cooperation to 3 users" about grasp of the name of all users (we include anyone other than member of group) participating in activity and contact information and "infection preventive measures against 2 this hotel".

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