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Last update date December 25, 2020

Teacher of nakaku street

[let's try in person of # together]

By human resources volunteer agency "teacher of nakaku street" is video [let's try in person of # together].
We add video to be able to enjoy from child to senior.
Please try together!
Please confirm nakaku street wanting to know teacher in detail.

Noritsugu Nezu "physical care of at-home work that physical therapist tells" of FileNo.014 health course
We take care of fixed body by at-home work and desk work. From size of the neck to the hip joint circumference
We explain in seven care. We are surprised at unexpected effect of poverty extortion.
Let's provide a physical care together.
To see video (the outside site)

FileNo.013 Miwako Hashimoto "improvement campaign out of condition"
By unhurried movement and stretch such as stoop, stiff shoulder, low back pain
We introduce exercise to improve disorder.
To see video (the outside site)

FileNo.012-style atelier Yoshiko Higeshiro "product will be idle! Musical instrument and top to make with milk pack"
We make with child using milk pack. As for the musical instrument, sound comes out thing well, and music splits open, too.
We make top with various forms. We make top through thread buzzingly.
Product be idle a lot in various ways!
To see video (the outside site)

FileNo.011 Akemi Narusawa "will make cat with eraser stamp"
It is introduction of how to make handmade works done in materials in house.
We make form of cat with eraser as three angles of stamps.
We can draw design depending on way of pushing stamps in various ways.

To see video (the outside site)

Of FileNo.010 Hitoshi Kawaguchi "live, let's have brain together!"
Simple exercise or game for the dementia prevention
We introduce. Have exercise and game happily!
To see video (the outside site)

Of FileNo.009 nemurinochikara "let's obtain healthy sleep together"
We introduce method to sleep using the breathing method or the sinew relaxation method well.
To see video (the outside site)

Of flute and piano of FileNo.008UNIQES (Mayumi Fujii) and Chiwako Tatsumi
Let's sing together in collaboration performance.
Program is "we write too in spring" and "the good day departure". As the lyrics are on, please together!
To see video (the outside site)

FileNo.007 Miho Fukuzumi "stretch to drain lymph"
It is stretch to promote delayed lymphatic flow, flow of blood.
We will drain while stretching together
To see video (the outside site)

"Body which is easily made in house unties" FileNo.006 Naomi Yamanouchi
We aim at mental and physical harmony by letting breathing fuse with body, and moving.
We will untie body together
To see video (the outside site)

FileNo.005 Yuito Honda "self-pot massage" (introduction health success)
We introduce three pots fixing physical condition. We will massage together.
To see video (the outside site)

FileNo.004 Yuito Honda "foolproof simple Tai chi chuan" (origin of the universe movement success)
You do not need to learn. It is Tai chi chuan that there is together on the spot while seeing video.
To see video (the outside site)

FileNo.003 Mayu Nomura "simple yoga that we finish defeating"
We untie body from the neck circumference and fix breathing.
To see video (the outside site)

FileNo.002 Miwako Murano makes pretty soap, and "she will wash hand"
We make pretty heart-shaped soap with materials in house.
Let's wash hand with soap which we made.
To see video (the outside site)

Activity introduction

It is video of activity introduction of teacher of nakaku street.
We edit video which we shot on the site working on and actually introduce.

FileNo.001 Tatsuya Yamada "dishes guide classroom"
We introduce state of all four times of "dishes guide lesson" held in Honmokuwada community care plaza last inning.
State to cook mapo tofu or shrimps with chili sauce happily is handed down.
To see video (the outside site)

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