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minatchi haunting diary "goes to minatchiga!" From January, 2018 to June

Last update date September 17, 2019

We strolled in around Idogaya Station♪

Hello! minatchidayo!
We strolled in around Idogaya Station today☆
It is town where there are park where green is the end and delicious bakery when residential area spreads out, but walks around Idogaya Station a little and is fun at all!
It arrives at 4, Minamiota park when we go up slope from Idogaya Station to Shimizugaoka Park!

A lot of green spread in park, and there was spot to be able to look around far when it went up stairs!
If the weather is clear, we see Mount Fuji, too♪

View spot

Next time to gull bread!
"Gull bread" in place where we went to the Nagata area in station road of Idogaya Station.

... such as stollen which put up, and took award for excellence by bread and Tokyo Bakery Grand Prix which is quite popular in school lunch
Anything looked delicious and has been hungry.

Bread which bought with gull bread to one hand next time to amusement place of lord ka valley child♪

Amusement place of extensive lord ka Valley child. As bench and table were in garden, we took a short break here.
We hear cool sound that spring flows through from biotope and seem to can take a nap much more here.

Next time to Nagataminamidai log house!

We arrive at Nagataminamidai log house when we climb stairs from amusement place of lord ka valley child.
Children were playing happily, and minatchimo has wanted to be idle together.
On day when we just went out to play, cherry blossoms were in full bloom.

yokohamahizakura bloomed in garden, too! It seems to be only this cherry blossom that "Yokohama" is included in the name of cherry blossoms.
The feature is that strong large flower of redness blooms downward. We were beautiful

Finally the up ruins of a kiln that what went made ceramics with Nagata.
It is in place where we pass through underpass in point of Idogayakamimachi Park and walked a little!

Does everybody know person called Ryosai Inoue? Originally, in ceramists representing Yokohama, it is Asakusa
We produced ceramics for export, but moved house to Nagata in 1924.
At that time, ascending kiln which it made is still left, and it seems to be only here that kiln is left in the city.
We can observe on day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday!

Chimney of ascending kiln

Rich nature including Japanese dandelion and maple spreads around ascending kiln and can enjoy every season!
Perform all by all means♪

We could take a walk and were fun today☆
We are content to be able to see smile of children to delicious bread♪

All the public information looks at course around Idogaya Station that we strolled in, and minatchigao is page 5 of June issue this time, but
See all by all means because you introduce!

The details look at public information Minami

We strolled in around Maita Station♪

Hello! minatchidayo!
We strolled in around Maita Station today☆
Town where Kira of Maita has ever lived in here.
Fragment of used brazier seems to be found in school nearby in those days.

We discover commemorative tablet of subway in the front over history of Kira of such Makita at Maita Station!

We went out Maita Station Exit 1 and after walking, matched the Kamiooka area!
The first vehicle of Yokohama municipal subway opened in 1972 seemed to be carried in from Kamakura Highway around Maita Station!
There were two vehicle bases now, but there was not base in those days and seemed to be carried in from around Maita Station that was able to achieve ands and buts to carry in big vehicle.

Next time to forest Park of Maita!

Pretty onigiri-shaped signboard is mark!
There is various animals-shaped object among them!
As bench and biotope are in park, both heart and body can take a short break♪

We left forest Park of Maita, and next went to sho*ji!


It is said that Kira of Maita erected the open basis in sho*ji for the age of civil strife.
There was person whom the name called "sho*jiden" entered in Kira at the time and seemed to be accompanied by the name of temple from people, too.

Used tile was actually ever in temple! It was very big!
In addition, there was rest-in-peace pagoda of the Kiras appointed on Yokohama-shi area historic spot in mountain behind.

We found view spot when we went up slope in front of sho*ji when we went down stairs on the way!

I saw Minato Mirai district including the Landmark Tower very well from here!
But it is secret of all minatchito because we do not seem to be known very much yet.
There are 100 steps which can appear to Kamakura Highway if we return on stairs and we intended to come and just advance from sho*ji! Be careful because it is slightly long stairs.

We could take a walk and were fun today☆
Study causes history, and discovery causes view spot and is satisfied very much♪

As all the public information looks at course around Maita Station that strolled in minatchigao this time, and even page 5 of introduces in May, see all by all means!

★The details look at this

Road safety parades spring on Wednesday, April 11 of the whole country

Hello! minatchidayo!
We went to spring Traffic Safety Campaign parades of the whole country today!
To "spring national Traffic Safety Campaign" of from 6 to 15 on April
It was held!
From Makita Park to the south police department musical band of the prefectural police
We paraded with all of School Y baton parts♪
Weather was good, too and was comfortable

Spring Traffic Safety Campaign parades of the whole country

Everybody will follow traffic rules and manner, too!

Spring Traffic Safety Campaign parades of the whole country

Sunday, April 8 28th Minami Ward Sakura Festival

Hello! minatchidayo!
We came to spring charming sights, the 28th Minami Ward Sakura Festival to play today!

With Mayor Oki

Warm venue wrapped cheerily is full of many visitors very much!
We have been able to take photograph with Mayor Oki together this time♪
We were glad because he/she made itsumominatchinokoto mind.

It is full of many visitors very much

There are many takoyaki, Yakisoba, okonomiyaki ... appetizing food in venue
We have been hungry.
There were other Japanese confectionery and all souvenirs, too!

Folk song sink

It went while dancer becoming two lines in folk song sink on the way of festival, and dancing venue!
We have admired by beautiful dance♪

We could play with all and were fun this year!
Come again next year☆

We strolled in around Minami-Ota Station♪

Hello! minatchidayo!
We gradually strolled in around Minami-Ota Station today because it became warm and was feeling that wanted to take a walk♪

At first, to Shimizugaoka Park.
As for the season of the fresh green, hill with velvet shank of symbol tree of park is very wonderful.

We provoke feeling when we plop ourselves down to lawn on fine day! View from hill is very wonderful, too!

Leave Shimizugaoka Park, and go down slope, and next time to Sugiyama Shinto shrine, temple sacred to the guardian deity of mariners♪

It seems to be said that main shrine was made for last years of the Muromachi era! The present main shrine seems to be thing built in 1958.
Temple sacred to the guardian deity of mariners which shared the precincts moved in here in 1998.
And pair of stone guardian dogs that photograph is on the right. You hold puppy of milk drink, but do you understand that you see well? ?
Become symbol of easy delivery, child care from state that mother gives child milk,
When heart makes easy delivery calmly by patting parent and child of pair of stone guardian dogs, and it is said that there is benefit that person from mother's milk takes good care of.
Though idle pair of stone guardian dogs is good and sees, pair of stone guardian dogs holding puppy of milk drink seems to be rare.

Shop of signboard that it was greatly written as "cheap candy shop baaba" that we went next!

In shop, it is cake gazura - ri!
We are very beautiful, but, in fact, the shop is with higher than recently for founding 40 years as we redecorated shop. We seemed to work as hasetomono person before.

There was elementary school near, and a lot of children came to shop after school was over!
As for the figure which there are "baaba" of shop and a lot of children knowing each other by sight, and talks amicably. It is the most "local nobaaba" dane ^^

We looked in Japanese confectionery shop "Miyoshi field" in Store Association more and more next time♪

minatchito was the same and has found such a pretty cake made of cherry blossoms!
It is like seasonal limitation.
Besides, it was authorized as "all souvenir", or there were phosphorus and a lot of appetizing Japanese confectioneries including steamed bun.
It seems to be pleased with souvenir♪

Finally, stroll in Ooka riverside, and to dokeikyo.

It seems to be bridge which Buddhist priest called dokei built for all here.
The present bridge seems to be thing rebuilt in 1927★☆
There is dokeijizoson by bridge. We seem to be loved by all local.

Today's walk, fun ^^

Oh, yes, called minatchiga "minatchito line bear is associated walk" to introduce Minami Ward to while taking a walk together column was for public information Yokohama Minami Ward, and began☆★
See all by all means today as course that we introduced appears!

★The details look at this

Sunday, January 7 Nagataminamidai alliance Neighborhood Association mochi pounding meeting

Hello! minatchidayo!
We participated in "meeting with rice cake" of Nagataminamidai alliance Neighborhood Association today!
Weather was good, too, and many people came.

Meeting with rice cake

As friend of junior high student gave hand in hand together though there was some distance to venue, we were able to walk with an effort☆★
When arrive at venue, a lot of pretty friends come, and embrace, and high-five; and ...

We were glad! We worked as a lot of taking a ceremonial photograph!
Rice cake was very delicious, too and wants to go again next year.
All of Nagataminamidai alliance Neighborhood Association, thank you☆★

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