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minatchi haunting diary "goes to minatchiga!" From April, 2017 to November

Last update date November 22, 2018

Haunting diary "goes to minatchiga!"

Day establishment memorial day of Monday, November 27 "Koban" (police box)

Hello! minatchidayo!

November 27 is establishment memorial day of "day of "Koban" (police box)" today.
We went to Gumyoji mall and, with minatchimo, all of the south Police, helped!

Day of "Koban" (police box)

We took out moving "Koban" (police box) at Gumyoji mall, and people of police officer called for prevention of traffic accident and fraud damage.

With older brother of police officer with a click☆

Uniform look was cool. minatchimo decided pose with an effort!

A lot of pretty friends came!
Though we were slightly ashamed, we were glad that he/she was cold with cheeks of minatchino charm point♪

Day of "Koban" (police box)

We could help all of police and were fun.
So that security, reliable Minami Ward can do it more and yet more from now on, minatchimo I'll do my best☆☆

Thank you for your support in mascot Grand Prix 2017 this year on Monday, November 20!

Hello! minatchidayo!

All have nice news today!

Annual festival of minatchiga national mascots which participated
"Mascot ® Grand Prix 2017 in Mie Kuwana, Nagashima resort" is held,
We had result announcement on Sunday, November 19!

Curious result,

In the number of the entries 681st place of local character, it is the 140th place!
As for the acquisition vote
We were able to get 4,994 points.

Everybody whom he/she supported, thank you very much!

As mascot character of korekaramominatchiha Minami Ward
I'll do my best! Support!

Thank you for your support

Saturday, November 11 Yokohama south blue return society "week to think about tax" PR event!

Hello! minatchidayo!
To help with PR event today in "week to think about tax" of Yokohama south blue return society,
We came to Yokohama Gumyoji mall!

Mall is full of many people!
We were glad among small children.


Finally we photograph souvenir picture with all of Yokohama south blue return society!
We want to visit you again next year. Thank you!

Wednesday, October 11 security/safety town development period of ten days kickoff ceremony

Hello! minatchidayo!
We participated in "security/safety town development period of ten days kickoff ceremony" in (the south public hall) which everybody did not see today!

Famous Rika Matsumoto became the head as voice actor of the part of TV animation "Pokemon" series Satoshi all day long and went up to the stage with minatchimo Pikachu!

We were tense. Pikachu was very pretty!

Reliable reliable town development

We recorded million hit, and "aimed, and the head sang Pokemon master", and venue was large serving proceed all day long!

Security/safety town development

Great singing talent! At force perfect score, minatchimo danced hard.

Security/safety town development
©Nintendo, Creatures, GAME FREAK, TV Tokyo, ShoPro, JR Kikaku ©Pokémon

Finally, we take a ceremonial photograph together. minatchimo does its best without losing to Pikachu; and "high pose!"
We were tense in excellent kickoff ceremony, but were very fun!

We get along with each other on Saturday, October 7 and enshrine ukiukiranran

Hello! minatchidayo!
"We got along with each other, and south welfare home mutsumino came to ukiukiranran Festival" to play today!
Getting along with each other seemed to reach the 30th anniversary in this year! Congratulations!

With friend of hula

With friend who did hula with a click!
We showed very cute both clothes and make! minatchimo has wanted to dance together!

Get along with each other, and worship; all the members group photo

In very lively venue among minatchi, all together with a click!
We want to come because it was very fun again next year.
mutsumisan, all, thank you!

Saturday, August 19, 20th Sunday five towns meeting festival Bon festival dance meet

Hello! minatchidayo!
We came to five society festival Bon festival dance meet in Mutsukawa district to play today!

Carry big omikoshi on your shoulder in venue,
We supported with all of the circumference!

Thank you for inviting to all, festival idle together!
It was very fun! We want to go out to play again next year

Saturday, August 12, 13th Sunday 3, Ooka Neighborhood Associations combination Bon festival dance meet

Hello! minatchidayo!
3 Neighborhood Associations of Ooka district jointly held today
We came to Bon festival dance to play!

Venue is full of many people very much!
See everybody enjoys Bon festival dance
minatchimo has wanted to dance.

Thank you, everybody who played together!
Very wonderful memory was possible.

Saturday, July 22, 23rd Sunday 42nd south festival

Hello! minatchidayo!
Today is summer feature of Minami Ward! We came to the south festival to play!

Picture dorouo discovery that is wonderful if we go around venue!
nantominatchino painting was described! We were glad

If there was appetizing food, there were many happy entertainments, too.
Above all, picture dorouno light-up from night was very beautiful and has been impressed.

We could play with all and were very fun this year!
Everybody will play together again next year!

Sunday, April 2 27th Minami Ward Sakura Festival

Hello! minatchidayo!
Festival to tell spring of Minami Ward today!

We came to the 27th Minami Ward Sakura Festival to play!

Venue is prosperous very much in many visitors! Large serving gets nervous at stage event together from children to the elderly!
It was the best for cherry blossom viewing by warm weather.

Refreshment stand and product exhibition was given a lot, too, and there was all souvenir, too. It looked delicious!

Character "P gal you" of minatchiha Kanagawa Prefectural Police
"Hama you" of Yokohama firefighting "Io" and "mio" of Yokohama 3R dream mascot character,
Of 3R dream squadron shiborenja "finished eating, and appeared with yellow" "drainer red"!

It is introduced with all; and, "yes, pose!"
We could touch many children and were fun.
Thank you, everybody who played together!
Come to play again next year!

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