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minatchi haunting diary "goes to minatchiga!" From September, 2016 to November

Last update date November 22, 2018

Haunting diary "goes to minatchiga!"

Urban greening Yokohama fair memory national on Tuesday, November 22! Flower bed which is new in Makita Park?

Hello! minatchidayo!

We planted flower in new flower bed of Makita Park with primary schoolchild today!
We will fill Yokohama with flower from March through June next year
It seems to be flower bed made in commemoration of "national urban greening Yokohama fair"!

Hear prior explanation together…

We plant flower while learning toward the park protection society cleaning park!
We were somewhat excited!

We were able to make fun while talking!

A lot of flowers planted in flower bed!

We were really glad that we could make friends with everybody.

In topiari of minatchi form!
Everybody come to meet♡

※National urban greening Yokohama fair (the outside site)

Sunday, November 13 Yokohama south blue return society "week to think about tax" PR event!

Hello! minatchidayo!

To help with PR event today in "week to think about tax" of Yokohama south blue return society,
We came to Yokohama Gumyoji mall!

Mall was full of many people!
We could make friends with many children and elderly and were fun.

The last is everybody and souvenir picture taking picture of Yokohama south blue return society!
It was day when we thought that we must study some minatchimokorekaraha tax.

Thank you for your support this year on Tuesday, November 8! ... mascot Grand Prix 2016 ...

Hello! minatchidayo!
All have nice news today!

Annual festival of minatchiga national mascots which participated
"Ehime of mascot ® Grand Prix 2016 in love face" is held,
We had result announcement on Sunday, November 6!

Curious result,
With what!

General order
As the 393rd place (in the 1421st place) was the 1038th place (in the 1727th place) last year, it is the Great Leap Forward!

As for the acquisition vote
With 4,577 points,

All contribute to the fact that we were able to win the points 3 times or more than last year!
It is bun iteminatchimobikkurishichatta by result.
Thank you very much!

As mascot character of korekaramominatchiha Minami Ward
As you do your best, please support!

Sunday, October 16 49th Mutsukawa district person of sound body and mind festival

Hello! minatchidayo!
We came for the 49th Mutsukawa district person of sound body and mind festival in south Junior High School today!
It was ideal day for sports by the refreshing clear autumn sky!

Person of sound body and mind festival 1

We are not so good at exercise,
We participated in "gleanings ru (omission ball) picking"! It is somewhat witty naming.
While we were helped by all of the minatchiha circumference, we were able to make a goal.

Person of sound body and mind festival 2

We played with children of a lot of spirit a lot and were very fun!
haminatchiga seemed to be the mood that was very peaceful because he/she came from chairperson this year
We were praised, and minatchiha was nice, and cheeks have turned red! We want to come again next year.

We get along with each other on Sunday, October 9 and enshrine ukiukiranran

Hello! minatchidayo!
We got along with each other and participated in ukiukiranran Festival today!
Do not be somewhat happy and excited.

Get along with each other; ukiukiranran Festival 1

There were a lot of appetizing food and pleasant games in venue!
Break some after play. Who.

Get along with each other; ukiukiranran Festival 2

Finally, we took a picture with all which appeared on LIVE stage!
Thank you, everybody who played together!

The total future Expo wide on Friday, September 23

Hello! minatchidayo!
We participated in the wide total future Expo in Yokohama synthesis high school today!

The wide total future Expo 1

Booth of various kinds of work and entering further education exhibited!
It was a lot, and story to hear for the first time has listened attentively unintentionally.
We thought that you must think about the minatchimo future.

The wide total future Expo 2

We were glad that we could touch high school student who participated!
Do your best towards each all course, and do your best!
We support minatchimo!

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