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Let's make good use of the park to keep yourself healthy! (February 2021)

Final update date February 1, 2021

 It is February, which is the beginning of spring, but it is still cold. I can't wait for spring to come.
 As early as the new year, the second declaration of a new coronavirus infection emergency has been issued, and some people may have more time to spend at home. If you stay at home all the time, you sometimes want to touch the air outside. Also, as it gets warmer, you may want to go out, such as traveling, but now it is time to focus on reducing the flow of people. Let's be patient here.
 So why don't you go to a nearby park in your area to change your mind and refresh yourself? There are 131 parks in Minami Ward. For example, there are various features, such as the spacious Makita Park and Shimizugaoka Park, where the scenery from the hill is wonderful. You can also enjoy it according to your purpose, such as a park that feels the scent of nature and culture or a park with health playground equipment. Another attraction of Minami Ward's attraction in the middle of walking around the city, where you can unexpectedly meet a park where flowers and scenery can soften your heart even if it is small.
 If you are worried about maintaining your health, such as feeling a decline in your physical strength due to the Korona disaster, or want to exercise moderately, use the nearby parks to improve your mental and physical health. Let's keep it.
About park in Minami Ward For more information about public information Yokohama February issue "refresh in imminent park" in detail.

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