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Ahead of New Year holidays to inhabitants of a ward ask (December, 2020)

Last update date December 17, 2020

 It was past the middle in December, and it was time to reach new age soon. However, days close against news about new coronavirus infectious disease continue with newspaper or TV day after day.
 At at December 10, the number of the total infected people in Yokohama-shi is 6,801 people, and, as for house, the number of the infected people in Minami Ward, there are 624. In Minami Ward, it rapidly increases from November and the number of the total infected people of the beginning of October was ratio of 1 of 1,000, but increases to about 1 of 300 now.
 From Manager of Health and Welfare Center which is new coronavirus acting as the leader of an army for infectious disease at Minami Ward government office it "is old and with underlying disease that are easy to be aggravated among which infected new model coronavirus. Originally advanced age lives a lot, and, as characteristic of Minami Ward, there is risk to be aggravated when infected. We do not know the infection course, and it is more a lot and is the situation that we are infected when and where, or it is not revealed now. We receive report saying wearing of mask, basic infection measures including brisk hand-washing are the most important.
 We ask about voice "that talk transmitted around oneself does not hear.". However, infection spreads practically. Some other time as Director General to inhabitants of a ward please. With a sense of crisis, please carry out measures such as wearing of mask, 3 dense evasion, indoor ventilation thoroughly once again.
 For winter vacation and New Year holidays, we think that we may meet and friend of relative after a long absence. We would like to protect important person without forgetting infection measures. In addition, please examine dispersion of going out including New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine that avoided the first three days of a new year as much as possible.
 All of you wish that the New Year is greeted in good health.

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