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Let's reduce plastic garbage (October, 2020)

Last update date October 1, 2020

 Plastic which is essential for our life. However, in late years a large quantity of plastic garbage which flowed out into the sea becomes big problem. We rise to about 8 million tons a year throughout the world, and the quantity is told even if, in this situation, it exceeds weight of fish of the world by 2050.
 Immediate activity to clean town is unexpectedly effective to reduce such a marine plastic garbage. Plastic which we are transferred by wind from downtown and played drifts to the sea from river, and plastic which appeared in the sea continues drifting without being dismantled. As river flowing through the Minami Ward leads to the sea, let's clean neatly so that garbage does not flow through the sea.
 At Minami Ward government office, we hold "connection cleaning walk" to aim at beautiful town planning and making of relations with a view of face in addition to cleaning activity that Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations or school perform every year. Unfortunately you have been called off under the influence of new coronavirus, but please examine participation by all means this year as you are going to carry out in the next fiscal year.
 Charge of shopping bag was made mandatory at retail stores of the whole country on July 1, this year. In the first place it does not use disposable plastic such as shopping bags if possible, and it is important to prevent you from increasing garbage. When I go out, having eco-bag, it prevents you from getting shopping bag at store. Does everybody not begin with imminent approach, too?

Connection cleaning walk group photo (2019)
Connection cleaning walk (2019)

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