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Let's prepare for disaster (September, 2020)

Last update date September 2, 2020

 Hard day of the lingering summer heat continues, but is going to reach autumn little by little in season. It is disaster prevention month in September. At first, important one protect life of immediate person including you and family by the preparation to major earthquake. For example, we will confirm whether you are fixed so that furniture does not fall down about personal safety measures once again.
 The preparation such as water or food is important, too. When earthquake that is higher than intensity 5 upper occurred, in evacuation shelter established in elementary and junior high school in ward, we are doing various storage. However, this is limited with thing for people who home suffers, and have been not able to live. We will possess minute as indication at you and home for at least three days.
 In addition, it is important to usually make relations with a view of face between neighborhoods. It leads to "community support" helping each other in the case of emergency. I always keep greetings in mind, too and start with being immediate.
 Lay up for a rainy day. In late years, about the preparation to storm and flood damage occurring frequently and earthquake not to know when you come over, do you not practice thought with families by all means at this opportunity?
 We offer disaster prevention-related various supporting systems in Minami Ward. Please confirm.

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