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Let's be careful about heat stroke (July, 2020)

Last update date July 2, 2020

 We approach the middle in the rainy season and reach public performance in the summer soon. You must be careful about heat stroke in coming season.
 There is day to record intense heat more than 35 degrees in Yokohama-shi for these past several years and we continue in the city for two years and higher than 1,000 are heat stroke and are conveyed first aid. Heat stroke occurs a lot indoors. We would appreciate your minding in family and familiar without enduring that we put air-conditioner and electric fan as elderly person in particular tends to be aggravated.
 Even if I am not thirsty as heat stroke measures, we supply moisture diligently and we have good meal of balance and keep in mind. We adopt moderate exercise and want to prepare for heat in future.
 You must balance heat stroke measures with "new lifestyles" such as "securing of physical distance" or "wearing of mask" this summer to prevent infection spread of new coronavirus. Therefore when we are doing mask which takes off mask when, for example, we can find enough distance (2m or more) with people outdoors, we avoid work and exercise of strong load, and practice of heat stroke prevention action in new lifestyle, please.
 We will survive summer to reach under the different living environment together until now.

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