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We devised Minami Ward administration policy in 2020 (June, 2020)

Last update date June 2, 2020

 It was the new year, and early two months passed. We devised "Minami Ward administration policy" that gathered what we regarded as important as aim, organization of Minami Ward government office this year. We will push forward business in emphasis by collaboration with team of ward office and various leading figures as foundation of approach in supporting "local power" with four of "reduce disaster damage" "bustle" "healthy" "child" carefully sequentially.
 Well, emergency declaration was canceled on May 25. We push forward various support to protect activity and living of store and companies toward recovery of social economic activities with thorough prevention of infection spread in Yokohama-shi while facility and school in ward gradually reopen. Please utilize consultation to each exclusive call center.
 Unfortunately Sakura Festival of April, main event of ward including the south festival of July have been called off this year. I would like cooperation to prevention of infection spread some other time to be able to regain daily life with bustle as soon as possible. And we wait expectantly for day to be able to see all of you at places of district round-table conference planning postponement at the time in autumn. We will make "warm Minami Ward" with feeling to love each other each other together simply because it is such time.


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