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Understand obstacles and watch them warmly (December 2020)

Final update date December 7, 2020

 December 3 to 9 is Week for the Disabled. Deepening understanding of disabilities leads to a "symbiotic society" where people with and without disabilities live together.
 In Minami Ward has about 30 local workshops for the purpose of employment and social participation of persons with disabilities, and people with disabilities work with their friends and work as a member of society while deepening exchanges with local people. I am active.
 Some of the products made at the local workshop can also be purchased at the contact coffee shop "Niko Niko Minami" on the first floor of the ward office. Every day from each workshop, we sell our own products in a lively voice. I sometimes buy bread and baked confectionery, but it is made carefully and really delicious. Please drop in when you come to the ward office.
 There are various forms of disability. It may be difficult to understand from the outside, such as mental disorders. People with disabilities live at their own pace, although they may not be able to do anything or are not good at disability. Understand that there are various disabilities and watch them warmly so that everyone can support each other and live with peace of mind.
 In addition, please confirm work place in Minami Ward in "introduction map such as Minami Ward person with a disability facility work places" of Minami Ward introduction map".
Introduction map of facilities for disabled persons in Minami Ward Map

LINE 2D code
Introduction map for facilities for persons with disabilities in Minami Ward 2D code

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