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We understand obstacle, and let's watch warmly (December, 2020)

Last update date December 7, 2020

 Nine days are person with a disability week from December 3. It is connected in "symbiosis society" which as understanding to obstacle deepens, impaired person and few person live for together.
 We work as social member while there being local work places for the purpose of working of person with a disability and social participation about 30 in Minami Ward, and impaired people working with friend, and deepening interchange with local people.
 As for part of the product made in local work place, "even Minami can purchase contact cafe in the first floor of the ward office with a smile". We sell their things which we made in cheerful voice every day in rotation from each work place. I may buy bread or baked confectioneries, too, but I am made carefully and am really delicious. When everybody comes to ward office, please drop in.
 The form varies even if we say obstacle. It may be incomprehensible by appearance including heart failure. It may be thing and weak point that there is not for obstacle, but impaired people live a life at their pace. We understand that we are defective variously that all people assist together and live in peace, and let's watch warmly.
 In addition, "Minami Ward person with a disability facility work places of Minami Ward homepage, please identify work place in Minami Ward in introduction map".
We introduce Minami Ward person with a disability facility work places and map

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Minami Ward person with a disability facility work places encode introduction map two dimensions

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