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We support! Child care (November, 2020) of Minami

Last update date November 1, 2020

 We feel autumn deepening on leaf of trees which turned red and yellow. Small child sees figure which is idle in fallen leaves in park on day when it was fine, but mind is healed very much.
 Child care being nice may be fun, but think that may not go as expected. You must avoid that you hit own irritation on child even if there are any reason and circumstances. In addition, discipline with physical punishment and verbal abuse becomes abuse even if we think of child so much, and mind and body of child are hurt, too.
 It is child abuse prevention promotion month in November. There are various facilities supporting child care in Minami Ward. In addition, child care and consultation about child came to be possible in LINE from this July. We accept consultation about trouble of parent-child relationship and family, child including anxiety of child care free. For more details, please refer to Children and Families Support Division.
 It is important not to take on trouble of child care alone. When you do not know if you talk with whom who is hard to talk with immediate person including family and friend, please use telephone consultation of ward office and consultation at window.
[Minami Ward child, home support consultation] Telephone 341-1153

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Kanagawa child home 110th consultation two dimensions cord

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