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We want to taste! Charm (July, 2019) of mall

Last update date July 4, 2019

 Blue to occasionally peep out a little more until the end of the rainy season of the sky tells the arrival of midsummer. It is physical refreshment that was tiring by heat to be important at coming time. It may be devised enough sleep and rests, bathing, light exercise, nutrition balance including meal which we got in various ways.
 Speaking of meal which is stamina perfect score, how about popular "hamburg" which is deep-rooted as national staple? You eat deliciously, and do you not dispel summer lethargy?
 Popularity vote plan of delicious thing of annual mall "is serious! Series accepts vote under the theme of hamburg this year until the end of July, too. In Minami Ward, royal road of western dishes, Chinese-style two articles full of ideas are had entry of right out by Yokohama Gumyoji mall cooperative. Please appreciate quite popular hamburg regardless of any people regardless of age or sex at this opportunity. With your precious one vote, one of "the best menu" of mall may increase.
 Mall of Minami Ward is kitchen of town filled with human touch and delicious things. "You taste" charm of mall with family and friend together, and would you like to see?

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