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Greetings (May 1, 2019) of Director General appointment

Last update date October 10, 2019

Greetings of appointment

 It is Matsuyama who took office as the Minami Ward head on April 1, everyone, of inhabitant of a ward.
 We do duty in Minami Ward for the first time, but, in being able to work at inhabitants of a ward and ward office where we can touch directly, are glad at all.
 We are charmed to depth of beautiful row of cherry blossom trees that it seems to the surface of the water (in all) of great Okagawa, the old downtown atmosphere full of human touch, hot thought, people to our town which is power mix of active Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations activity and festival and a person's connection so as to purge this person, day from appointment.
 Child care support and community-based welfare, problem that you should work on including improvement of preparation to disaster vary while low birthrate and aging advances in Minami Ward. That is why anyone makes livable Minami Ward, and being similar thinks that we want to succeed surely to the next generation eagerly.
 Ward office will break a sweat by words street of "south wind is warm", warm human empathy, rich wisdom and invention with worked on for local activity catch phrase of Minami Ward, too.
 In addition, in various duties of ward office, we value heart to snuggle up to quickness, accuracy and inhabitants of a ward and will meet all the staff, your trust with every effort.
 We would like.

Minami Ward head Hiroko Matsuyama

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