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Gentle town (December, 2019) which contact makes

Last update date December 1, 2019

 There are only 1 month left with early thing in 2019.
 We are considered to be person with a disability week of country on 9th from December 3, and various approaches are performed every year.
 Minami Ward has many opportunities to mention achievement of people with a disability. For example, "with a smile Minami" on the first floor of the ward office. We can drink coffee or tea at shopping such as bread or cake cooked in local work place and cafe corner, and, for bright waiting on customers of the impaired staff, this will have spirit, too. In addition, it is usually concerned "by oneself with area that oneself are established even if we have a defect", and it increases at events such as disaster drill or festival various places participating eagerly to be with.
 "The Tokyo 2020 Paralympics" are finally held next year. I challenged boccia that was meeting official event the other day, too. When ball which threw hits aim ball according to strategy; great cheers! We have been absorbed. Across all fences, anyone is recommended as sports to be able to enjoy.
 With or without obstacle, we feel that it is important to recognize quality of person each other in relations with a view of face. Through contact, we want to do in "gentle town" where anyone can live in in peace.

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