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To continue being healthy (November, 2019)

Last update date November 1, 2019

 We deepen and seem to realize clear, chilly air of morning and evening in autumn.
 We change "importance of being healthy, and spending every day" and realize while arriving at the Minami Ward head, and visiting at various events and events held in area commencing with everyday government affairs too for half a year.
 Accustomation such as regular life such as enough sleep and good meal of nutrition balance, moderate exercise, hobby is important for health promotion.
 I register at "Yokohama walking point" and check daily steps before sleeping every night on that day. We serve as walking on holiday and walk town aimlessly while enjoying visiting art museums. Do all of you not have the secret of health in each, too?
 Physical maintenance is very important, too. Periodical consultation of physical checkup is a chance to usually know physical change not to notice.
 In addition, it leads to the making of mental health we enjoy chattering, flower with friend and neighborhood, and to take in season.
 It came to be said to be "the longevity era". We want to spend a certain vitality days with health from now on.

Photograph of state of south hill trail walking
State of south hill trail walking

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