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Place to stay (October, 2019) that we want to choose carefully after school

Last update date October 3, 2019

 Blue sky and comfortable autumn wind to clear up. We reached perfect season for reading and art appreciation, sports.
 When October begins; is half a year more until graduation of kindergarten and nursery school of child. We think whether there is family pushing forward entrance to school preparations of elementary school.
 Of school things including school bag is ready, but selection of place to stay of child after school is important, too.
 ko edokoromo on choosing varies. More than anything, it is activity contents and atmosphere that child can spend in peace or, also, will be that mature deliberation is repeated about time to leave easiness of going, children from application procedure and expense, school and the office to each facility from point of various work lifestyles of protector by mature deliberation.
 27 places to stay after school are opened in Minami Ward by elementary school campus and private facility, and administration that concentrated invention in activity content each is performed.
 It is experience different from school again that children of different school year spend happy time through play or event together, and it will be at a time when it is important for the breeding of child.
 We give information variously at ward office. Please feel free to contact.

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