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We possess because it is the case of emergency (September, 2019)

Last update date September 1, 2019

 Severe summer heat seems to begin to soften little by little in morning and evening. The autumn arrival is long in coming.
 A lot of themes such as "disaster prevention" "reduce disaster damage" realized high your interest in district round-table conference of this year.
 Opinion was exchanged in the making of with a view of everyday storage method and face of relationships, smartness including disaster drill by local distinction and was impressed with strength of bond of each district. We strongly think that we want to share such a story with other people, and disaster prevention measures to join together.
 Myself store drinking water, canned foods or retort pouch and keep "rolling stock" to supplement in mind while consuming these in everyday life. We hear about your invention and wisdom and further expand the preparation.
 We do not know when you are affected by disaster no matter how much we prepare. "Community support" helping each other with family and people in circumference, the preparation of everyday discretion both sides is important "self support" to make use of "government support" such as administrative measures and system.
 It is disaster prevention month in September. We have you refer to disaster prevention map and disaster prevention guide distributing at ward office and, from place to be able to do it around the body, would appreciate your comprising little by little.

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