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We think about my "it has just begun" this summer (August, 2019)

Last update date August 1, 2019

 We are relieved while dazzling sunlight glares down when we find tree and can draw breath. We express all of you, summer greeting card of inhabitant of a ward.
 At this time to reach summer vacation and the Bon Festival, it is good opportunity to meet family and relative. It begins for a word of "welcome back" and seems to be able to see scene talking about the present situation of each other and immediate people, good old memory this and that.
 What think with important people in families "in case anything happens" may be good we look back on your past step for such a time and to live for the coming life like oneself wealthily.
 At Minami Ward government office, ending notebook that in the past life and medical care and care in the future are written down about things of property prepares for "my hope". In addition, targeting at people who want to write ending notebook, we start "shukatsunyumonjuku" in September.
 From place that is easy to write while remembering what want to value for freedom. How about all of you making "ending notebook like me?"

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