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To protect important people (March 2021)

Final update date March 1, 2021

 March is Suicide Countermeasure Month. Do you know the gatekeeper, which is said to be the gatekeeper of life? A gatekeeper is `` aware '' of the unusual appearance of family and friends, `` call out '' with courage when you notice a change in important people, respect the feelings of the person, `` listen '', early It is a person who "connects" to necessary support, such as recommending to go to the consultation desk, and "watchs" carefully while warmly snuggling up. People who are worried may not be confiscated by anyone, may be isolated and chased by others. It is very important for people around you to notice and speak to the sign of the person.
 At present, due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, many people are deepening loneliness and isolation, and are worried about their future lives and are worried. Please consult with a nearby person without having to worry alone. If it is difficult to consult with others, please contact Minami Ward ※Please contact us directly.
 With inhabitants of a ward, we protect life that only one of important people has and want to make "warm" Minami Ward of important person.
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<Main consultation service>
●Ward Office Disability Support Section (weekdays and afternoon) TEL 341-1142
●Yokohama City Mental Health Consultation Center (Sunny Night, Holiday) TEL 662-352

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