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We practice now! Basics (March, 2020) of prophylaxis

Last update date March 6, 2020

 It is season to reach spring weather, but expansion of new model coronavirus infection will still continue from now on even if March begins. As extended preventive measures, we perform cancellation and postponement of various events, events, stop of closure and a part duties of school, facility in the Minami Ward. We will cancel annual Sakura Festival. I am very sorry, but please understand.
 Infectious diseases such as influenza virus or norovirus are easy to be prevalent in this season in usual and are time when prophylaxis is indispensable. Even if type of infectious disease varies, basic precaution does not greatly change, and it is important to raise immunity by a cough etiquette utilizing brisk hand-washing, mask and handkerchief, enough sleep and good meal of balance. Let's get back to basics of health now.
 In addition, various information about this new coronavirus infectious disease spreads, but cannot deny possibility that misunderstanding and wrong contents join among them. On homepages of public institution including Yokohama-shi, please confirm the latest information at any time.
 As for the season when Minami Ward is stained with cerise soon. Each one will practice measures definitely to reach forthcoming spring in good health.

Basic illustration of infection prophylaxis
Basics of infection prophylaxis

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