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Let's protect the body from storm and flood damage (August, 2020)

Last update date August 1, 2020

 We would like to express our heartfelt sympathy to people suffered from by heavy rain of each places including Kyushu of the whole country.
 The rainy season of this year is longer than usual, and we will reach typhoon season from now on, and time when caution is necessary for heavy rain continues for a while. When landslide alert information is announced in Minami Ward, we announce evacuation warning toward 14 areas that we appointed beforehand and establish four places of designated emergency evacuation sites in addition as place protecting personal security temporarily. In addition, we think that you can confirm as you are doing news by posting beforehand every year in target home having you do evacuation immediately if announced by June. In addition, infectious diseases extended prevention such as new coronavirus becomes important in evacuation sites, too. I would like cooperation for wearing, hand-washing of mask in place of refuge, thorough cough etiquette.
 Ward office will make every possible effort to protect inhabitants of a ward from storm and flood damage, but it is important that all of you have you usually think about personal security of you and family. For example, we examine evacuation to relative and acquaintance's house beforehand and will prevent you from being upset when evacuation information was announced in area to live. We feature "evacuation action depending on disaster" with August issue for public information Yokohama Minami Ward. Look at this by all means.

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