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In trouble in conjunction with new coronavirus being careful (May, 2020)

Last update date May 1, 2020

 Suspicious call to assume the staff of city, and to get personal information and consumers trouble such as not reaching though we bought mask on the Internet occur while new coronavirus infection spread continues. Taking advantage of uneasy feeling of inhabitants of a ward, we are going to deceive by various tricks. Please be careful.
 "Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center" is in yumeooka office tower Kami-Ooka Station ago. When the number of consultation to center is the second most, and it looks at Minami Ward in 18 wards separately again in the generation, consultation from person in the twenties is put a lot in 18 wards most. As cases that damage spreads through by invitation from friend seem to increase, we sometimes think that it is important for family and thing that we mind so as to be familiar, and to be "unnecessary interference".
 What should I do to protect the body from such a trouble? I ignore email having no idea basically and usually talk with family about about malicious business method and fraud.
 At first, let's talk with familiar and ward office, police, consumer life synthesis center without being troubled alone when we felt in embarrassing time and anxiety.


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