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Now basics carefully toward prevention of ... infection spread tomonigambarimasho ... (May, 2020)

Last update date May 14, 2020

 For long holidays of this year, usual and different how to spend were done, and it might have been more a lot. We had cooperation to the non-pivot non-sudden going out self-restraint from many people, and, during period, crowd around Yokohama Station had the news such as 80% or more decrease compared with the previous year, too.
 On the other hand, emergency declaration was extended until May 31 and came to be asked about the word "fatigue caused by self-restraint" recently. In addition, in addition to anxiety to infection, lack of exercise, trouble, child care which, moreover, faces cares and difficulty including anxiety to the future of management increase. For such a various anxiety, we accept consultation over telephone at Yokohama-shi and Minami Ward government office. We introduce video or keep-fit to spend time happily in house on homepage. Check it out!
 Assuming new coronavirus infectious disease measures becoming long scene, "new lifestyle" was shown by country. Everyday life such as shopping or meal may greatly change in future. Importance of basic measures including enforcement of "brisk hand-washing" "cough etiquette" does not change even if in such inside. The number of the infected people decreases, and, in now when we are apt to be off our guard a little, please value basics. Let's do our best together.

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