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Together go-proof *shusaazamukihigai (February, 2020)

Last update date February 1, 2020

 Signs of spring seem to blur on the cold sunset that becomes slightly slow inside.
 It increases recently to hear story of special fraud from inhabitants of a ward.
 Trick of special fraud became skillful year by year, and damage of last year in Minami Ward amounted to a total of nearly 130 million yen more than 50 cases. We fall for smooth talking even if we think, "we see and hear with newspaper and TV, and oneself will not be deceived actually" while we talk with criminal and we are upset and seem to be often deceived.
 It is effective to set answering machine even if in thing, house which do not go to telephone in trick to use telephone for immediately. In addition, personal information and password not to get on talk to fan sweet deal and anxiety, story having no idea will warn not to say.
 In addition, it decides "password" in families, and it confirms family to partner giving the name, and it is good to talk with about measures beforehand. It is helpful if we may be suspicious when it copes calmly to talk with friend and neighborhood.
 At ward office, we perform enlightenment activity of anti-crime program in cooperation with the police. Please consult to ward office if it may be worry.

Photograph of state of special fraud destruction campaign
State of special fraud destruction campaign

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