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Publication of ward administration proposal box in Minami Ward Proposal Box”

※The "Ward Administration Proposal Box" was abolished on March 31, 2021 and integrated into "Proposals from Citizens". In addition, we replace "ward administration suggestion box" on the ward office the first floor now and install contribution paper and reception box for "suggestion from citizen", so please use that.

Final update date May 8, 2021

 As a general rule, we will give a summary of suggestions and opinions and answers (response) to those answered in "Documents" or "E-mail" in "Minami Ward City Hall or “E-mail” We announce.

 At the time of publication, we will handle as follows.
1.The contents of the suggestions and opinions received will be summarized and announced in consideration of personal information.
2.We will not disclose the name of the contributor.
3.We will also consider the personal information of the answer sheet.
4.The publication period is, in principle, one month.

 The following cases will not be announced.
1.A case where a specific individual is identified from the summary of the post and the summary of the answer
2.There was a request from the contributor not to announce it
3.Response plan prepared by external organizations
4.By making it public, it may promote slander to individuals or organizations, or may violate public order and morals and cause social instability.
5.The contributor and Motoichi are in a dispute over the content of the post, and answered that they could not give a specific answer.
6.The answer did not reach clearly

Announcement of responses in April 2021

The staff in Family Registry Division's response was bad.

Posting summary

 The staff of Family Registry Division's staff responded poorly, and the attitude of assuming that he was a foreigner was returned with a residence card, which was very unpleasant. It was the same staff last time, but it was a terrible response. Please train well.


 This time, I was sorry to make you feel uncomfortable.
 We were very careful about the staff you pointed out.
 We will provide thorough guidance so that this does not happen in the future.

Department in charge

 Minami Ward Government Office, Family Registry Division

I have been treating kidney disease for 35 years, but I am not certified as a disability.

Posting summary

 35 years have passed since I got kidney disease, but I can't work because of the disease. If the kidneys are bad for 35 years, I think it is a disability, but the Citizens' General Medical Center does not recognize it as a disability. Others have been certified as disabled. I think it should be a fair system, so check your medical history in the city and make sure that your doctor does not neglect.


 The physically handicapped is said to have received a certificate of the physically handicapped under the Welfare Law for the Disabled. In order to receive the certificate of the physically handicapped, it is necessary to submit a written opinion and medical certificate of the designated doctor and obtain certification based on the disability certification standard. When applying, please consult with a hospital or doctor who knows your physical condition.
 In addition, thank you for your feedback on the public university corporation Yokohama City University (hereinafter referred to as "City University").
 About opinion that we had, we reply from Policy Bureau University adjustment section performing adjustment duties with city university.
As for the city university, we have been operating independently and autonomously as a local independent administrative agency since 2005, so we sent the opinions received this time to the city university after hiding personal information.
 In addition, about medical treatment, it is performed by judgment of hospital, and we do not have authority of investigation, instruction in Motoichi including this section and cannot judge the validity.
 We cannot respond to your request and it is very painful, but we ask for your understanding.

Department in charge

 Health and Social Welfare Bureau Rehabilitation Counseling Center
 Policy Bureau University Coordination Division

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