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Garbage disposal/recycling Eco

Last update date March 12, 2019

Wasteful promotion corps

Information for wasteful promotion corps holding venue

It is INAGEYA east Makita shop at 3:30 from 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 23, 2017

  • Garbage separation conference 

Please feel free to contact garbage separation, disposal procedures!

  • Display of food loss panel

We know the current situation of food loss of Yokohama-shi, and let's know "it is a waste"!

If it is thing about Yokohama 3R dream, please consult about anything.
Prior application is not necessary and is free to do participation!

Contact Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau south office telephone: 045-741-3077

To all of you that collection box for recyclables is used

The south sports center, the use of collection box for recyclables of the south engineering works office
It was finished and abolished.

Around this Ooka district,

  • The south district center
  • Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau south office

Similarly please use as you accept recycle paper and used cloth.
Thank you in advance.

We finished eating and held cooking (in autumn)!

We finished eating and, in Minami Ward, held cooking classroom (in autumn) for food loss reduction exhausted 87,000 tons a year in the whole city.

This ingredients are canned tuna and roots!
It was performed happily deliciously!

Approach of Yokohama 3R dream in Minami Ward

  1. <Yokohama 3R dream plan>
    Yokohama 3R dream (slim) plan (to Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau homepage)
    <classification, weight loss of garbage and recyclable garbage>
  2. Let's revivify soil in kitchen garbage wealthily! (the soil mixing method)
    Separation, how to put out garbage and resources
    I would like cooperation for collection, recycling of small household appliances
    "We reduce garbage, do, and cooperation, please Minami Ward original in su, se, so" (PDF: 446KB)
    Please cooperate with drainer thorough kitchen garbage (to Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau homepage)
    Minami Ward reuse library
    Reduction (to Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau homepage) of food loss, kitchen garbage
  3. <statistics, material>
    Discharge situation (PDF: 252KB) new!! of garbage and resources of Minami Ward until February, 2017 

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