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Cooperation between schools and communities

Final update November 27, 2020

Recruitment of volunteers

multicultural(Perhaps) Volunteer

Elementary schoolTo (shogakusei)Foreign countries(Gaikoku)Culture(Bunka)IntroductionvolunteeringJob ListingsI'm blurred.

  • Recruitment conditions(Boshujoken):Foreign countries(Gaikoku)CultureThrough (Bunka)Koko(P) childrenExchangeI want to.Hikata(Kata),Foreigners(Gaikokujin)-Foreign countriesIt leads to (gaikoku).Hikata(Hard) orForeign countries(Gaikoku)Culture(Bunka) and wordsHikata(Kata),City(No)Residence(Zaiju)Working Group(Zakin)Attendance at school(18)over age(Saijo)Hikata(People)
  • Application destination(Moshimisaki): MinamiSocial Activities(Shiminka Gathering)-Multicultural Symbiosis(Perhaps Kyosei) Lounge telephone(Denwa): 045-232-9544 Fax: 045-242-0897

Supporters for learning sessions for students such as off-campus junior high school students

We are looking for supporters who can help students with learning guidance at study sessions that provide learning support for students such as foreign nationals.

  • Recruitment conditions: Once a week (weekdays) from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Application: Kyoshin Junior High School telephone: 045-711-5091 Fax: 045-713-9794

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Minami Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division School Cooperation and Children's Section

Telephone: 045-341-155

Telephone: 045-341-155

Fax: 045-341-145

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