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Minami Ward young people instructor meeting

Last update date April 10, 2019

With the young people instructor

As for the young people instructor, the mayor is doing commission (as for the term two years) based on recommendation from Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations to plan young people healthy upbringing by the whole area by promoting young voluntary activity and the upbringing activity.

We perform information exchange to deepen help such as events that main activity is made up mainly of the young people as volunteer and works on and understanding to the young people. In addition, we are doing enlightenment activity of prevention of delinquency while taking school or Neighborhood Associations, the police and cooperation.

The young people instruction number of Minami Ward: 183 (as of April, 2019)

Main activity contents

Contact camping

[contents] We plan experience of communal living (camping) in nature and interchange with different age child and the local young people instructor and plan young healthy upbringing through business.
[time] Three days (3 days and 2 nights) from July through August
[object] The young people (... junior high student in the third grade) of residence, attendance at school in ward
[place] House (Gotenba-shi, Shizuoka) of national central youth exchange

Page of contact camping is this place

Photograph of camping

Voice of youth (young claim)

[contents] We make themes such as local action, my dream and we make a composition and recruit the young people being usually thinking, things feeling and issue collection of reading announcement of commendation, representative of winning composition and composition.
[time] Composition offer (August), selection (September and October), collection of announcement, composition issuance (the end of November, public hall)
[object] The young people (the third grader ... 20 years old) of residence, attendance at school in ward
Page of voice of youth (young claim) is this place

Photograph of voice of use

Student participation in planning to the south festival, Sakura Festival refreshment stand

[contents] We meet elementary school student, student and run refreshment stand (barbecued chicken, snow cone) of the south festival, Sakura Festival.
[time] The south festival (the end of July), Sakura Festival (the beginning of April)

Photograph of festival

Other activities

We work on all cities simultaneous united action patrol

[contents] We patrol in convenience store, park, game arcade in ward, around school with teachers of school all at once and perform the actual situation grasp of each local situation (young gathering place, place where it is easy to hang around).
[time] The middle of July, the night

Social environmental fact-finding

[contents] We investigate the situation grasp such as the sale situation or karaoke room of harmful books such as convenience store, bookstore in ward in each area.
[time] The middle of July

Meeting society with elementary and junior high school teacher

[contents] We are divided for each area and exchange opinions about activity plan of the young people instructor with elementary school elementary school student support charge teacher in ward, junior high school student instruction exclusive duty teacher, cooperation that we are absent in the summer and turn
[time] The middle of June

News from blue finger

It is public relations magazine which Minami Ward young people instructor meeting issues.


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