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We perform training to give flag during "opening of an office" in "medical treatment" at the time of earthquake disaster!

Last update date August 14, 2020

We seem to give flag

We perform training to give flag during "opening of an office" in "medical treatment" at the time of earthquake disaster!

At the time of earthquake disaster, medical institution which the medical treatment systems such as injured of is regulated "is giving medical care", and drugstore provides flag during "opening of an office" and will publicize that medical treatment is possible to inhabitants of a ward widely.
On Tuesday, September 1, 2020, we carry out training to give flag in the morning on Thursday, March 11, 2021 this year.
(training goes by cooperation such as Minami Ward medical association, Minami Ward dental association, Minami Ward pharmacist society.)

In hospital or clinics in near neighborhood and the place of refuge, please confirm real flag.

At the time of earthquake disaster, seriously ill patient is treated with precedence at big hospital.
Cooperation of, please to choose medical institution which fitted symptom calmly to save life of many people more.

[reference 1] Photograph at the time of past training

In front of City University center Hospital

In front of holiday emergency clinics

In front of drugstore in ward

[reference 2] Indication of the medical offer system at the time of disaster and consultation
 Thing which there is possibility of danger of life said to, "we are seriously ill" in or thing that danger of life draws near, please consult disaster base Hospital (City University center Hospital, other city 12).
 There is not danger of life to be considered to be "medium grade symptom", but we need hospitalization, and (other than severely wounded person), please consult emergency hospital (Sato Hospital, Shimizugaoka Hospital, Nomura Hospital, prefectural child medical center, Saint servant Yokohama Hospital) at disaster.
Danger of life said to, "it is mild" does not need hospitalization to cry, and (chronic disease, chronic disease), please consult emergency clinics or evacuation shelter of the big area of damage on Minami Ward holiday that is clinics , clinic, doctor's office of neighborhood and activity place of medical care relief corps.

Indication (table) of consultation

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