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Enlightenment booklet (Minami evil-proof guides)

In Minami Ward, we make various enlightenment booklets about disaster prevention. We distribute in Minami Ward government office General Affairs Division (the sixth-floor 66th window), and you can see various booklets in PDF.

Last update date February 4, 2021

"Minami evil-proof guide"

Minami evil-proof guide cover

Minami evil-proof guide (PDF: 12,123KB)
We do not know when disaster including major earthquake and typhoon, heavy rain is caused. "Minami evil-proof guide" collects correspondence at the time of the everyday preparation and outbreak, thing about approach in area all together for such a various disasters and publishes.
You have you put with "Minami Ward disaster prevention map" which settled dangerous points at the time of evacuation sites and heavy rain at hand, and, in talks in home, area, please utilize by all means.

"Disaster prevention handbook for child care home"

Disaster prevention handbook cover for child care home

Disaster prevention handbook (PDF: 7,787KB) for child care home
For homes that had infants and child whom consideration was necessary for at the time of disaster, we gathered up coping methods when preparations and disaster that it comprised for disaster occurred. About disaster prevention, we made to be a chance to have you think in whole family. Please utilize for the preparation of disaster that there is to follow command of "oneself" and "child" by all means.

"Minami evil-proof guide junior high student edition"

Minami evil-proof guide junior high student edition cover

Minami evil-proof guide junior high student edition (PDF: 2,632KB)
We explain the necessary preparation and action that you should take toward junior high students at the time of major earthquake occurrence clearly.
"We protected own body by oneself" (self support) and understood, "we protected gusset of all together" (community support) and gathered up information such as usually comprising to connect with concrete action.
"What should I actually do if earthquake disaster takes place?." Triggered by this book, please do talks in all of family.

Other learning contents

In addition, enlightenment booklet, video about disaster prevention that Yokohama-shi makes is this

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