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Disaster prevention, earthquake proofing

Last update date December 26, 2018

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It is made with "house" resisting earthquake

Minami Ward earthquake proofing is helpful; site

Setting costs assistance systems such as earthquake-resistant shelters of Minami Ward finished application acceptance on December 28, 2012.

Yokohama-shi wooden house earthquake proofing diagnosis person dispatch business (free earthquake-resistant diagnosis)

As, as for this system, Yokohama-shi makes "earthquake-resistant diagnosis" of wooden personal house to aim at safe town development resisting earthquake,
We dispatch "wooden house earthquake proofing diagnosis person" whom the mayor authorized to earthquake-resistant citizen's all of you who wish to have a diagnosis of and investigate and support citizen's earthquake proofing measures.
※About earthquake-resistant diagnoses such as lease houses, we carry out for a fee.

For more details, to page of Housing and Architecture Bureau

Yokohama-shi wooden house earthquake proofing repair promotion business

It is system that city assists some earthquake-resistant repair work expenses of wooden personal house.

For more details, to page of Housing and Architecture Bureau

Disaster prevention beds setting promotion business (disaster prevention bed, earthquake-resistant shelter)

Targeting at people living in wooden house, we assist some expenses to set up disaster prevention bed and earthquake-resistant shelter.

For more details, to page of Housing and Architecture Bureau

※Various brochures distribute even Minami Ward General Affairs Division General Affairs Section (the sixth-floor 66th window).

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