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Possess in the case of emergency

Last update date June 12, 2019

About evacuation at the time of earthquake

Figure about evacuation sites

●"Say evacuation sites" (say, and link to detailed page about evacuation sites)

  • If major earthquake is generated, not only appointed place, please evacuate to school, park nearby, safe place including open space.

●"Evacuation shelter" (evacuation shelter) (link to detailed page of evacuation shelter)

  • It is evacuation sites when we cannot come back to home by house collapse.

●"Evacuation area" (link to detailed page of evacuation area)

  • It is evacuation sites when elementary and junior high schools evacuating to became dangerous by spread of fire expansion of neighboring fires.
  • Home say, and may evacuate from evacuation sites directly.

We prepare for earthquake at home

For earthquake, everyday at home; let's prepare.

Storage product including emergency food

  • Preparations, check of storage product, emergency takeout product
  • Food for 3rd, securing of drinking water
  • Preparation for life water and fire extinguishing water
  • Prevention of fall of furniture
  • Evacuation sites, confirmation of evacuation course
  • Checks of black spot of house

※As it is in link to reference brochure publication page of General Affairs Bureau making, please give me reference.

We prepare for earthquake in area

Parent and child who evacuate

  • Let's acquire practice power in local disaster drill.
  • Please value everyday acquaintance to be able to help each other in the case of emergency.
  • Particularly, it is made with the system which can cooperate in area to keep security such as elderly person, person with a disability, ill person.
  • We check black spot in area and discuss measures → Safe check of town.
  • Storage supplies, maintenance check of equipments.

10 points to keep life from earthquake

We evacuate under the table

  1. At first, as for "gura", let's secure personal security.
  2. The disposal of quick fire extinguishing and fire.
  3. We open window and door, and let's secure exit.
  4. We do not jump out outside in a hurry → We are in danger of falling object.
  5. Let's be careful about piece of indoor glass.
  6. Let's confirm security of family and safety of neighborhood.
  7. We cooperate, and we rescue, and let's rescue.
  8. Let's confirm electricity, security of gas before evacuation.
  9. Evacuation will prevent you from approaching the gate and wall, cliff on foot.
  10. Let's grasp right information. → Do not act only in information by word of mouth at the time of disaster.

About other disaster prevention information

As there are information about tsunami and flood, the earth and sand disaster, various disasters including typhoon, heavy rain and various manuals, various disaster maps other than information for earthquake in page of the following City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau crisis management room, please see.

To page of City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau crisis management room

Page concerned

  • Crisis management of Yokohama-shi
  • Link to Emergency Management Office

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