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Consultation counter, anti-crime program measures of crime damage (collection of links)

Last update date October 15, 2020

Information for damage consultation counter of the Kanagawa Police

Link (the outside site) to information for damage consultation counter of the Kanagawa Police

We are careful about special fraud

Instructions for refunds not to be coaxed for fraud, "It's me" fraud
Let's have feeling to have calls of fraud such as "It's me" fraud or refund by all means in place of 1 oneself.
We have contact "that turned Phone number." beforehand for 2 "It's me" fraud. We call in Phone number in front by all means and confirm
Let's do.
We decide password (e.g., the names of pet) to be good among 3 families and really confirm whether it is family
Let's do.
4 refund fraud increases rapidly. From the staff of tax office and ward office, go to ATM with cell-phone
As for what is ordered, absolute.

※We can hear the real exchanges of "It's me" fraud by sound data.

Anti-crime program measures, anti-crime program information (collection of links)

Collection of links to administration related to anti-crime program except the police

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