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Safety measures of child

Last update date October 15, 2020

Conduct of patrol by "minatchi"

We carry out patrol around the elementary school in ward by anti-crime program police car "minatchi" through the year.

Patrol conduct of elementary school, nursery school with Minami fire department firefighting vehicle

We distribute elementary school, nursery school in ward according to the areas and carry out patrol (patrol caution) by firefighting vehicle through the year mainly on commuting to and from school time.

Examination of safety measures of child

Safe liaison meeting meeting scenery of Minami Ward PTA contact meeting child

Because Minami Ward PTA contact meetings and ward office examine "safety measures of child", we hold meeting regularly.
(safe liaison meeting of Minami Ward PTA contact meeting child)

Support to "house of the child 110th"

House plate photograph of the child 110th
House plate of the child 110th

When children are playing with "house of the child 110th" for the commuting to and from school middle and felt danger in the body, we rush in in peace to protect own body and, at place requesting help, security liaison meeting of Minami Ward PTA notification meeting child is independent and works.
In Minami Ward, we have cooperation from company and store, family, and plate is posted on about 2,500 now at 17 schools. At Minami Ward government office, we support about print of "house map of the child 110th" indicating place posting plate.
Cooperation, please by all means in "house of the child 110th" to watch children in the whole area, and to bring up children in good health.

Image of house photograph of the child 110th
House photograph of the child 110th

Distribution of personal alarm

In March, 2019, we distributed personal alarm for new entrance to school first graders of 19 schools (elementary school includes two private institutions) in ward.

The spread of "crime, anti-crime program information mail delivery"

In the south police department , we send "nankei fax information" to cases that time and outbreak that crimes occurred frequently in are predicted as the crime situation, crime information at any time.
We deliver crime, anti-crime program information mainly on this "nankei fax information" by mail for cell-phone, PCs more than once a week at Minami Ward government office! For security of local children, please inflect.
We would like registration from the following pages.

Promotion of "town walk anti-crime program patrol"

In the case of slight going out such as "dog walking", we wear anti-crime program goods, and, in everyday life, ward office recruits, for example, members having you serve as anti-crime program patrol and local work "jogging" "walking" "walk" and "shopping".
It is intended that we enhance local anti-crime program effect by watching area with many eyes with viewpoint of "anti-crime program" in various places and time.
I hand anti-crime program goods such as plate for member's card and bicycle, guide of anti-crime program patrol when I have member of "town walk anti-crime program patrol" register. For security and relief of local children, please register.
Person in charge of registration reception desk Minami Ward government office Regional Promotion Division local action
(the sixth floor of the ward office 62nd window) Phone number 341-1235

Image of town walk anti-crime program patrol goods
Town walk anti-crime program patrol goods

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