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Main approach of Minami Ward government office anti-crime program business

Last update date October 15, 2020

Holding of Minami Ward security/safety town development promotion Network

Mainly on Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, we hold Minami Ward security/safety town development promotion Network consisting of mall and company, school, administration concerned, anti-crime program affiliates and plan information sharing of the crime occurrence situation and anti-crime program measures and, through example announcement of neighborhood watch or introduction of reference example, promote anti-crime program enlightenment activity in Minami Ward.

Conduct of patrol in ward by anti-crime program police car "minatchi"

We were donated in "minatchi" February, 2005 by Yokohama south Rotary Club.

We effectively utilize "minatchi" and carry out patrol that served as duties by the staff through one year.
In addition, we dispatch "minatchi" for conduct or festival of patrol by request from area.

Support of anti-crime program activity article to regional society

Through the alliance Neighborhood Associations, we support anti-crime program patrol articles such as the anti-crime program best and hat, armband for area.

Anti-crime program goods
Support article

Promotion of "town walk anti-crime program patrol"

In the case of slight going out such as "dog walking", we wear anti-crime program goods, and, in everyday life, ward office recruits, for example, members having you serve as anti-crime program patrol and local work "jogging" "walking" "walk" and "shopping".
It is intended that we enhance local anti-crime program effect by watching area with many eyes with viewpoint of "anti-crime program" in various places and time.
I hand anti-crime program goods such as plate for member's card and bicycle, guide of anti-crime program patrol when I have member of "town walk anti-crime program patrol" register.
Person in charge of registration reception desk Minami Ward government office Regional Promotion Division local action
(the sixth floor of the ward office 62nd window) Phone number 341-1235

Image of town walk anti-crime program patrol goods
Town walk anti-crime program patrol goods

Mail delivery of crime, anti-crime program information

In the south police department , we send "nankei fax information" to cases that time and outbreak that crimes occurred frequently in are predicted as the crime situation, crime information at any time.
We deliver crime, anti-crime program information mainly on this "nankei fax information" by mail for cell-phone, PCs at Minami Ward government office! (around one time a week)
Let alone timely intelligence, please inflect for everyday anti-crime program activity and measures!

Cell-phone image
Image of cell-phone

We would like registration from the following pages.

Promotion of "blue pato"

"Blue pato" is vehicle which is equipped with blue rotary light, and performs anti-crime program patrol voluntarily.
We can touch blue turn light to car (personal privately-owned car is possible, too) to use for patrol if it comprises constant requirements when local or private sector do voluntary anti-crime program patrol using car. In Minami Ward, association of ward office and south anti-crime program, 2 Neighborhood Associations comprise the blue rotary light equipment car (as for the application police department of area) and carry out "blue pato". On "blue pato" conduct, please consult by all means.

Area anti-crime program base

As base performing local anti-crime program patrol and dispatch of crime information, talks about anti-crime program in 2006, we install area anti-crime program base in 18 places in ward with the cooperation of area.
At area anti-crime program base, we perform meeting of stock and anti-crime program patrol activity of anti-crime program activity article, nucleus of anti-crime program activity in area including collection and dispatch of crime, anti-crime program information and activity that it is.

Minami Ward area anti-crime program base table
Base nameBase setting place
Miyaji ward alliance area anti-crime program base of threeMiyaji ward alliance Neighborhood Associations building of three
Association of Ota area anti-crime program baseThe Ota district alliance Hall
The eastern part of Ota district alliance area anti-crime program basekodaidaiichichonaikaikan
District alliance area anti-crime program base in eastern KotobukiDistrict alliance Neighborhood Associations building in eastern Kotobuki
Nakamura district alliance area anti-crime program baseThe Karasawa cooperation society
The Neighborhood Associations in northern 3, Nakamuramachi
Association of Makita area anti-crime program base1, Kyoushincho Neighborhood Associations building
Horinouchi Mutsumicho alliance area anti-crime program baseHorinouchi third Neighborhood Associations building
Idogaya district alliance area anti-crime program baseNeighborhood Associations building second in Idogaya
South Nagata, Sannoudai alliance area anti-crime program baseHall in south Nagatacho
The north Nagata district alliance area anti-crime program baseIt is Dai-4-chonai Hall in Nagata
Nagataminamidai alliance area anti-crime program baseSouth Nagata housing complex University block Neighborhood Association office
Mutsukawa alliance area anti-crime program baseTree of chinquapin community hall
Mutsukawa Oike district alliance area anti-crime program baseMutsukawa Oike district alliance Neighborhood Associations building
Association of this Ooka area anti-crime program baseOhashi-cho Neighborhood Associations building
Association of Ooka area anti-crime program baseOoka third party
Bessho district alliance anti-crime program baseGet along with each other; home
Bessho-cho friend Hall

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