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Minami Ward security/safety town development promotion Network

Last update date January 30, 2019

Minami Ward security/safety town development promotion Network

General meeting holding scenery
Scenery held on June 20, 2016

Tendency to increase included various crimes in Minami Ward at the time of 2003, and what inhabitant of a ward and company, school, affiliate became as one and criminal worked on positively became urgent business. In addition, "anti-crime program measures" were requests to administration, and it was in the first place in the public awareness investigation carried out in 2004 after an interval of more than ten years, and citizen's expectation for anti-crime program has been increasing.
Because, mainly on Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations, mall and company, school, relations administration, anti-crime program affiliates gather in a hall to support such situation, and is safe, and Minami Ward area anti-crime program promotion Network propels town planning to be able to live for in peace, "let's follow their towns by oneself"; did, and was established on July 29, 2004 by o slogan. And we were reborn as "Minami Ward security/safety town development promotion Network" to deepen further cooperation such as the police, firefighting in 2017.

Constitution group of Minami Ward security/safety town development promotion Network

  • Each alliance Neighborhood Associations (16 groups) 
  • Association of south anti-crime program 
  • The Minami Ward mall alliance society 
  • Minami Ward woman part Network 
  • Minami Ward school, the police contact meeting 
  • The south anti-crime program instructor Network 
  • Member of south boy guidance Network 
  • Association of Minami Ward golden age club society 
  • Minami Ward young people instructor contact meeting 
  • Minami Ward sports promotion committee member contact meeting 
  • Minami Ward child society contact meeting 
  • Minami Ward PTA contact meeting 
  • Mamoru Nanbo host 
  • Minami Ward local welfare officer children's committee meeting 
  • Minami Ward rebirth protection woman society 
  • Ko Minami business society 
  • Kotobuki fire brigade
  • Ooka fire brigade
  • Minami Ward public nursery school director society
  • Private nursery school director society Minami Ward district
  • Association of Yokohama-shi kindergarten Nanshi sectional meeting
  • Principal of Minami Ward Junior High School society
  • Principal of Minami Ward elementary school society
  • Association of Kanagawa guard business Nanshi part
  • Japan Post Yokohama south post office
  • Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau south office
  • The south engineering works office
  • South area Service Center out of Water Works Bureau
  • The south police department
  • Minami fire department
  • Minami Ward government office

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