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"We take Midori Ward!" Winning a prize, winning work product (2013 conduct)

Last update date January 18, 2019

Midori Ward photo contest "takes Midori Ward!" Really, thank you, state made much application in this.

From all 425 works which were full of masterpieces, we elected judge Prize 3 work, 45 winning works as a result of examination as follows. (honorific title abbreviation)
Public information green ward version April issue (going to feature) introduces, and winning a prize, winning work product uses in various public information mediums in future.

[information for exhibition]

In camera and event "CP+" to disseminate information of of photograph picture (the sea peep metal lath) (the outside site) held in Pacifico-yokohama for from Thursday, February 13 to Sunday, February 16, we carry out photo exhibition as follows in others, ward to display prize-winning work in photograph (Pacifico-yokohama the second floor concourse/no charge for admission area).

  • The first floor of the ward office lobby green for from Tuesday, February 18 to Thursday, February 20
  • Subway (Green Line) Nakayama Station basement concourse managed by city for from Saturday, February 22 to Tuesday, March 4

Judge Prize

[judge Prize] Mount Fuji distant view (from Miyakobashi Bridge)

"Mount Fuji distant view" (from Miyakobashi Bridge) Mikio Kamiya

Comment: Chicken came close accidentally if we aimed at Fuji of at dark and pressed shutter at once.

<comment of judge>
At first, we focused on Mount Fuji and would not expect that chicken crossed in such an exquisite timing actually.
But it was provided with technique to press shutter at moment that was the origin of photograph. We think that the place that did not sometimes miss chance that thought suddenly is fantastic. Both angle and exposure seem to totally look at Japanese painting just right. We feel vitality of birds flying away from this work to the sky. [Hideo Mori]

[judge Prize] Winter clothes

"Winter clothes" Teru Hoshikawa

Comment: As edanosakinimega appeared, we took.

<comment of judge>
In the subject appropriate for title called "winter clothes", the sky also shows sense of the seasons well. It is straightforward and totally has good feeling toward posture that scooped viewpoint that nobody looks at like haiku. [Taro Amano]

[judge Prize] The Tsurumi River charm of evening

"Tsurumi River charm of evening" *bodan

Comment: We wanted to take photograph of diamond Fuji from Kamoike Ohashi and went several times, but weather was bad and was not able to photograph when day just set right above Mount Fuji. However, silhouette of setting sun and Mount Fuji which grew in surface of a river of the Tsurumi River was impressive.

<comment of judge>
Composition, laying upon of focus are good and are photograph which deserves to be theme to "take Midori Ward!". [Yoshio Kato]

Winning work

[selected] Roast which you have
"Roast which you have"
Toshihiko Masaoka

[selected] Be charmed by Yokohama Line
"Be charmed by Yokohama Line"
Toshihiko Masaoka

[selected] Throw to this place; and -
"Throw gete to this"

[selected] Landing
Suganuma victory

[selected] Miraculous moment diamond Fuji
"Miraculous moment diamond Fuji"
Suganuma victory

[selected] Terayama musical accompaniment
"Terayama musical accompaniment"
Suganuma victory

[selected] We walk at dark
"We walk at dark"
Yukio Sawada

[selected] Town which is dyed red
"Town which is dyed red"

[selected] Is it steaming figure soon?
"Is it steaming figure soon?"
Chiyoko Sato

[selected] Smile of 1 million dollars
"Smile of 1 million dollars"
Owaki one man

[selected] Morning walk
"Morning walk"
Owaki one man

[selected] Cold winter
"Cold winter"
Owaki one man

[selected] Autumn exchange meeting
"Autumn exchange meeting"
Yukio Funabashi

[selected] The daybreak
"The daybreak"
Hajime Otani

[selected] Pond of kamaritsu
"Pond of kamaritsu"
Katsumi Maeda

[selected] We swim for light, balmy breeze
"We swim for light, balmy breeze"
Katsumi Maeda

[selected] Joy of crop
"Joy of crop"
Katsumi Maeda

[selected] Drop
Katsumi Maeda

[selected] Late fall of Tando field
"Late fall of Tando field"
Yoshiyuki Kamon

[selected] Morning came to quiet Tando field!
"Morning came to quiet Tando field!"
Yoshiyuki Kamon

[selected] Foot, Yokohama Line of inhabitant of a ward
"Foot, Yokohama Line of inhabitant of a ward"
Yoshiyuki Kamon

[selected] Close walk
"Close walk"
Haruo Aihara

[selected] Break
Tadaaki Arakawa

[selected] Huge tree "wild cherry tree"
"Huge tree "wild cherry tree"
Saburo Ushiyama

[selected] Jumbo drinks!
"Jumbo drinks!"
Shuji Suzuki

[selected] Quietness
Shuji Suzuki

[selected] Late fall
"Late fall"
Shuji Suzuki

[selected] Oh? Mount Fuji of Kirigaoka
"Obtain? Mount Fuji of Kirigaoka"
Toshimi Takizawa

[selected] Any ndarou
"Any ndarou"
Akio Mizumoto

[selected] Children of "child-style festival"
"Children" of "child-style festival"
Yosuke Takahashi

[selected] With spring breeze!
With "spring breeze!"
Toshie Nakano

[selected] dondo grill
"dondo grill"
Makoto Mashiko

[selected] Autumn of marsh overgrown with reeds
"Autumn of marsh overgrown with reeds"
Miyazaki power

[selected] Autumnal scenery of Shinji
"Autumnal scenery of Shinji"
Miyazaki power

[selected] Conversation of kingfisher
"Conversation of kingfisher"
Sachio Fukuda

[selected] Life
Ruri Araki

[selected] It is old tale in the reality world
"Old tale in the reality world"
Yasunari Ogimoto

[selected] Green and yellow harmony
"Green and yellow harmony"
Hiroyuki Hatano

[selected] Tunnel of nature
"Tunnel of nature"
Airi Morishima

[selected] Dusk scene of Kamoike Ohashi
"Dusk scene of Kamoike Ohashi"
Kenji Morosawa

[selected] Kamoi Station and Mount Fuji
"Kamoi Station and Mount Fuji"
Kenji Morosawa

[selected] Scenery along the Tsurumi River
"Scenery along the Tsurumi River"
Kenji Morosawa

[selected] The Tsurumi River of New Year's Day
"Tsurumi River of New Year's Day" Hideo Nanbu

[selected] Evening landscape
"Evening landscape"
Hideo Nanbu

[selected] We cut rice of Tando, Niihari field
"We cut rice of Tando, Niihari field"
Koetsu Miura

Copyright Policy

Midori Ward photo contest "takes Midori Ward!" Inhabitant of a ward applied for has photograph in right about photograph publishing in this. I decline that I reprint photograph without permission and reproduce.

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