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"We take Midori Ward!" Winning a prize, winning work product (2016 conduct)

Last update date January 21, 2019

Midori Ward photo contest "takes Midori Ward!" Thank you very much much application in this.

From all 474 works which were full of masterpieces, we elected judge Prize 4 work, 48 winning works as a result of examination as follows. (honorific title abbreviation)
Public information green ward version April issue (special feature) introduces, and winning a prize, winning work product uses in various public information mediums in future.

[information for winning a prize, winning work product exhibition]

  • Friday, March 3 - 3/12 Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 elephant's trunk terrace (1, Kaigandori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi)
  • ... last train Yokohama Shiei Subway Green Line Nakayama Station "event space" first for from Friday, March 17 to Wednesday, March 29
  • Monday, April 3 - 4/14 Friday from 8:45 to 17:00 (in ward office open agency) Midori Ward government office main government building

Judge Prize

[judge Prize] Snow scene of the daybreak

"Snow scene of the daybreak" Takayuki Kageyama

Comment: It was the first snow of the year of November to remain for record on November 24 of the day before. As morning haze which occurred with the sunrise from many places on the next morning was beautiful, we photographed unintentionally.

<comment of judge>
Chaoyang comes in for morning fog and brings on atmosphere such as light black-and-white drawing. Composition of snow scene of one side was finished by having put track on the screen. [Hideo Mori]

[judge Prize] Way back

"Way back" Yoshio Ide

Comment: The setting sun was reflected in surface of a river of the Onda River and we did train of Kodomonokuni Line to silhouette and photographed as we were very beautiful. Passenger of train appeared in silhouette over window, too and pressed the shutter while thinking whether you were impressed in the same way as me to see the setting sun.

<comment of judge>
Atmosphere of simple title and work matches and thinks that framing that did place where we want to put the sky only for sunset which looks to river was good. [Yoichiro Kato]

[judge Prize] Snowy instant

"Snowy instant" Keisuke Itabashi

Comment: As we were going to work, we bet in instant.

<comment of judge>
We want to take by all means, but urgent feeling to have no to spare sells well. Composition is interesting, too. [Taro Amano]

[judge Prize] Stoop down

"Stoop down"; So Shibata person

Comment: We took water of pond only for sanhoshogakuko. As tree was reflected in the surface of the water, we moved to good way neatly.

<comment of judge>
It is image of leaf reflected in the surface of the water.
What surface of the water will it be? Is that it is puddle of the roadside pond?
Why would you choose the muddy brown surface of the water? If it is me, we choose cleaner blue or green waterside.
However, it is very chic and is beautiful. It is like photograph of collotype used for photograph Genesis flourishingly.
What did this child see with the look? Photograph which captured that on seeing what earlier of thing to see talks about anything on the other side of image that we settled in. We were made to think about superior photograph. [Tsutomu Okada]

Winning work

[selected] Evening glow
"Evening glow"
Yoichi Kodaka

[selected] A lot of people are Nagatsuta Station
"Person a lot of Nagatsuta Station"
Ayano Ishii

[selected] Tunnel of flower
"Tunnel of flower"
Kanon Murakami

[selected] Hidden accommodation
"Hidden accommodation"
Tadashi Oishi

[selected] We are what it is
"We are what it is"
Tadashi Oishi

[selected] Shaft of light
"Shaft of light"
Akio Mizumoto

[selected] The world that we looked at of puddle
"The world that we looked at of puddle"
Akio Mizumoto

[selected] The first sunrise of a new year
"The first sunrise of a new year"
Katsukiyo Shinohara

[selected] Snowy morning
"Snowy morning"
Katsukiyo Shinohara

[selected] Let's dance together << so orchid >>
"Let's dance together" << so orchid >>

[selected] Fantasy
Tomio Miura

[selected] Daily life of the Onda River
"Daily life of the Onda River"
Yoshihide Miyata

[selected] Halo
Yoshihide Miyata

[selected] Carpet of cherry blossoms
"Carpet of cherry blossoms"
Yoshihide Miyata

[selected] The Onda River of early winter
"The Onda River of early winter"
Yoshihide Miyata

[selected] Sacred mountain Fuji
"Sacred mountain Fuji"
Yoshio Ide

[selected] To Yokohama
To "Yokohama"
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto

[selected] FLOWER ROAD
Taeko Nakajima

[selected] New Year parade of fire brigades iyo is cool
"New Year parade of fire brigades iyo is cool"

[selected] Play of Hikari
"Play of Hikari"
Haruo Aihara

[selected] Leave thundercloud
"Leave thundercloud"
Yoshitaka Iwane

[selected] Cherry tree Festival evening landscape
"Cherry tree Festival evening landscape"
Hiroshi Hara

[selected] Small small railroad crossing
"Small small railroad crossing"
Ide flight

[selected] We have got very tangled
"We have got very tangled"
Michiko Tatsumi

[selected] We go to Higashikanagawa to back in huge Fuji
"We go to Higashikanagawa to back in huge Fuji"
Yoshiyuki Kamon

[selected] The autumn end
"The autumn end"

[selected] Muscular☆
"Muscular ☆"
Yuka Sugitani

[selected] Colored leaves of light
"Colored leaves of light"
Shotaro Hayashida

[selected] To the top
To "the top"
Yu Matsumoto Miyabi

[selected] I am Ms.
"Ms. as for me"
Kanata Naito

[selected] Autumn sky design ...
"Autumn sky design -"
Airi Isogai

[selected] Dragonfly of rice field
"Dragonfly of rice field"
Ibarame ocean

[selected] Autumn ... to feel to be ... ground
"Autumn - to feel to be ... ground"
Yurina Kanada

[selected] Cosmos
Hideo Nanbu

[selected] Towards setting sun
Towards "setting sun"
Hideo Nanbu

[selected] Ochiai Bridge of the last day of the year
"Ochiai Bridge of the last day of the year"
Hideo Nanbu

[selected] Colored leaves and snow scene
"Colored leaves and snow scene"
Hidefumi Yamazaki

[selected] Foggy day
"Foggy day"
Setsuko Sunada

[selected] Autumn of the surface of the water
"Autumn of the surface of the water"
Miyazaki power

[selected] Autumn waterside
"Autumn waterside"
Miyazaki power

[selected] By the cause of cherry blossoms in full bloom
By "the cause of cherry blossoms in full bloom"
Chiyoko Sato

[selected] New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine
"New Year's visit to a Shinto shrine"
Mikio Kamiya

[selected] The first one swing
"The first one swing"
Ikuo Hara

[selected] Grandchild fell down (athletic meet in kindergarten)
"(athletic meet in kindergarten) that grandchild fell down"
Ikuo Hara

[selected] Sketching in Shobuen
"Sketching in Shobuen"
Toshiaki Yao

[selected] Rain
Kazuyo Kurakata

[selected] Promenade of late fall
"Promenade of late fall"
Susumu Nakamura

[selected] Day of forest
"Day of forest"
Toshio Takigawa

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