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"We take Midori Ward!" Winning a prize, winning work product (2014 conduct)

Last update date January 21, 2019

Midori Ward photo contest "takes Midori Ward!" Thank you very much much application in this.

From all 589 works which were full of masterpieces, we elected judge Prize 4 work, 45 winning works as a result of examination as follows. (honorific title abbreviation)
Public information green ward version April issue (going to feature) introduces, and winning a prize, winning work product uses in various public information mediums in future.

[information for winning a prize, winning work product exhibition]

  • Saturday, February 21 - 2/27 Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 elephant's trunk terrace (1, Kaigandori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi)
  • Subway (Green Line) Nakayama Station basement concourse managed by city for from Tuesday, March 3 to Sunday, March 8

Judge Prize

[judge Prize] In under a tree in full blossom

It is Akio Mizumoto in "under a tree in full blossom"

Comment: Delight adult described painting, and child enjoyed spring under the cherry blossoms in full bloom.

<comment of judge>
Over the cherry blossoms in full bloom, point where various relationships of various people are photographed at the same time is interesting as composition.
In addition, point where almost all people turned their back on camera was good. [Taro Amano]

[judge Prize] Spring haze

"Spring haze" Haruo Aihara

Comment: As we wrapped, and haze including tree stained with sign of spring early in the morning looked like fantastic scene, we took.

<comment of judge>
We chose from work which shooting place in Midori Ward could identify to some extent this time.
Cherry blossoms and the fresh green given morning mist are fantastic and are expressed well while there are many works about daytime cherry blossoms and are work which remained in the first impression. [Yoichiro Kato]

[judge Prize] Small nature

"Small nature" Soji Hanaoka

Comment: We lost glance below and took grass of Shinji Shimin-no-Mori like worm's-eye view line.

<comment of judge>
Application of number more than imagination was sent to this business to invite public participation for in photograph about Midori-ku, Yokohama-shi by citizen.
Most are beautiful photographs putting professionals who paid attention to nature and the green richness to shame, but it is photograph which the feel does that I paid attention at this time.
Examination committee member Prize assumed "small nature" of Soji Hanaoka.
Photograph which we understood on seeing profile, but what and primary schoolchild photographed.
It is extremely fresh and young and catches small nature, scenery that we are apt to overlook in everyday life wonderfully.
We could see figure of photographer who laid on the stomach at the same time, and held camera and it was heartwarming and longed for nature for me having been ever over there. Thank you. [Tsutomu Okada]

[judge Prize] Spring promenade

"Spring promenade" Susumu Nakamura

Comment: One cherry tree in way which I stroll in every day. It is very beautiful if it becomes in full blossom.

<comment of judge>
We seem to watch long way of the life of couple in circle that slanting rays of light enhance wonderful undulation of aged tree, and individualizes gentleness of color of cherry blossoms by just that much.
Sprout of the foot of root shows the working of repeated nature. [Hideo Mori]

Winning work

[selected] Night when we played in country of light
"Night when we played in country of light"
Hiroshi Okuzawa

[selected] Mount Fuji and Yokohama Line
"Mount Fuji and Yokohama Line"
Tomio Miura

[selected] hasu ikehyoketsu
"hasu ikehyoketsu"
Katsukiyo Shinohara

[selected] Big game get!
"Big game get!"
Yoshihide Miyata

[selected] Dusk approaches
"Dusk approaches"
Katsuaki Shimizu

[selected] Child flyer of spider
"Child flyer of spider"
Owaki one man

[selected] Morning fog
"Morning fog"
Katsukiyo Shinohara

[selected] Forest of the four seasons
"Forest of the four seasons"
Katsukiyo Shinohara

[selected] Winter rainbow
"Winter rainbow"

[selected] Mom and walk
"Mom and walk"
Michiko Tatsumi

[selected] ... i, all! It is already supper!
"It is everybody hey! It is already supper!"
Yoshiyuki Kamon

[selected] We do our best
"We do our best"
Hajime Otani

[selected] sanhosho above the clouds
"sanhosho above the clouds"
Hajime Otani

[selected] Staring game
"Staring game"
Mikio Kamiya

[selected] Evening landscape of early summer
"Evening landscape of early summer"
Mikio Kamiya

[selected] The first prize
"The first prize"
Suganuma victory

[selected] Handmade carp streamer of children
"Handmade carp streamer of children"
Suganuma victory

[selected] Person who works
"Person who works"
Mitsuru Akiyama

[selected] A lot of natural grape
"A lot of natural grape"
Reo Kanemoto

[selected] Stairs to the future
"Stairs to the future"
Ayaka Adachi

[selected] Autumn footsteps to disappear…
"Autumn footsteps to disappear…"
Rio Imaoka

[selected] Mysterious thing discovery
"Mysterious thing discovery"
Nozomi Iwasawa

[selected] Daimyo's procession of rock
"Daimyo's procession of rock"

[selected] Look for Santa
"Look for Santa"

[selected] Way to acorn
"Way to acorn"
Arakawa riona

[selected] kinokonoamayadori

[selected] We take a short break buzzingly
"Buzzingly break"

[selected] Dragon of nature
"Dragon of nature"

[selected] From under bridge
From under "bridge"
Masanobu Shibatani

[selected] Solo
Hitomi Ishikawa life

[selected] Life to be connected
"Life to be connected"
Shunsuke Imaoka

[selected] Lost article of forest
"Lost article of forest"

[selected] The other side of guardrail
"The other side of guardrail"

[selected] Heavy sweater
"Heavy sweater"

[selected] We overcharge ... of stairs of adult♪
"... ♪" which overcharges of stairs of adult
Moe Honda

[selected] Shadow guardian deity of children
"Shadow guardian deity of children"
Moe Honda

[selected] Snacks thyme
"Snacks thyme"
Moe Honda

[selected] Mushrooms which do their best
"Mushrooms doing their best" Momoka Nakamura

[selected] Flower which we saw with magnifying glass
"Flower which we saw with magnifying glass"
Kyota Kawamoto

[selected] Throw to this place!
"Throw to this place!"
Toshie Nakano

[selected] Riverbed walk of snowy day
"Riverbed walk of snowy day"
Kazutoshi Mochinaga

[selected] Solitude
Harumichi Sato

[selected] Take Chaoyang
"Take Chaoyang"
Naoto Tada

[selected] Feel spring wind
"Feel spring wind"
Sachio Fukuda

[selected] The Yokohama Olympics?
"The Yokohama Olympics!"
Hirayama window

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Midori Ward photo contest "takes Midori Ward!" Inhabitant of a ward applied for has photograph in right about photograph publishing in this. I decline that I reprint photograph without permission and reproduce.

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