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Last update date May 28, 2020

The temporary number, the private road maintenance furtherance

Car temporariness service permission (the temporary number) application

With temporary service permission system (the temporary number)

When there is application to let car (note 1) which you must not offer for one of service run with service permission on road in car temporariness, in the case of identification set of Road Vehicles Law, we give temporary service permission of car in restrictive condition (note 3) only for (note 2).

(note 1)
With car which you must not offer for one of service
Non-registration car, validity expiration car of automatic car inspection visa
(note 2)
In the case of identification determined by Road Vehicles Law
  • Examination of continuation of car that validity of automatic car inspection visa (vehicle inspection certificate) expired
  • New registration of erasion registered car
  • The forwarding in sale purpose of car that validity of vehicle inspection certificate expired, erasion registered car or car before vehicle registration by import
  • Procedures for re-grant by theft of the number (in the case of application by ※ theft, the acceptance number of robbery report of the police is necessary)
(note 3)
Condition of permission
Only when it is stipulated by Road Vehicles Law
We list courses from departure place to destination in application.
Examine purpose, course of service, and the necessary minimum days within 5th

Thing necessary for application

  • The original (as for copy and the receipt, impossible) of identification of automobile third party liability insurance
  • We can confirm shapes of body number and car name, the body including identification of identification of end of the examination of automatic car inspection visa, erasion registration certificate, completion, car pretest
  • Private seal (when we apply as company, representative mark is necessary.)
  • When we apply in individuals, we can confirm that it is the person including driver's license and health insurance card
  • Fee (in Yokohama-shi income certificate stamp 750 yen)

Period when it can travel

The minimum days that are necessary in reference to the days to take purpose, course of service into consideration, and to fix for the following face.

Service period
The maximum loan daysDestination
Less than three daysKanagawa, Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Shizuoka
Less than four daysOther areas of the upper following
Less than five daysHokkaido, Kyushu district (except Fukuoka), Kochi

We want to use the temporary number next month, but will you lend?

As, as a general rule, the first day of period of service becomes application day, we can never loan out Sakizuke. But we turn off Sakizuke and, only for the following case, can loan out.
※It was aimed for the forwarding during rest, inspection after the end of holidays by application such as Golden Week, New Year holidays just before that

If we finish using the temporary number

Please return temporary number which you have finished using with permit immediately.
Deadline for return is 5th after the expiration for validity of permit. Penal regulations may be applied when not returned even if it is past time limit.

General Affairs Division General Affairs Section
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About private road using by commuting attending school every day, it is system that Yokohama-shi supports 90% of maintenance costs. Grant is paid after type and application of construction, inspection of construction.

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