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Application, proof

Last update date January 11, 2019

Main application, procedure and page of the time required


Family register, resident certificate, transfer

  • Report of family register such as birth, the death, the marriage, divorce
  • Transfer reports such as changes of transference, transference, moving, household
  • Procedure for house indication
  • Report of Seal Registration
  • Report of change, entrance to school, attendance at school of elementary and junior high school


  • Report of personal municipal tax, prefectural tax
  • Report of light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei) (motorcycles)



[application, report style downloading] (Yokohama-shi homepage)

Family register, resident certificate

  • koseki*, abridgment, joseki*, abridgment
  • Identification card
  • Copying of resident certificate
  • Copying of tag of family register
  • Seal Registration Certificate


  • Municipal tax taxation (tax exemption) certificate
  • Property tax taxation (tax exemption) certificate
  • Evaluation certificate
  • House certificate (existing house certificate) for house
  • The tax payment certificate


  • Name of a street lot number change proof
  • We change house indication of and prove

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