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History walk of Midori Ward

Last update date January 11, 2019

When we visited to everybody who played an active part in area in April, we visited various interesting stories. It was impressive to be told, "there be ○○ Shinto shrine in our town" about history of town, "this town was territory of direct feudatory of a shogun in old days" in everybody equality eagerly to express depth of attachment for their towns.
When we visited Nagatsuta care plaza while making such thought chest, we visited you, and all of golden age club had information about "Tsuzuki county Nagatsuta-mura" from room which held history study session of native district among "forming anew Musashi topographical records" accidentally.
Pigeon thought that this walked with own foot and felt Midori Ward, and, using day in consecutive holidays, history decided to take a walk.
However, habit of how you spend limited time effectively when it becomes iza practice office worker sad as always to worry about…… We decided to walk model course over "10, Nagatsuta view" with the help of brochure called "Nagatsuta history sight-seeing map" after all.

Start from the Nagatsuta Station south exit, and, at first, appear at former Daisen Highway (according to going out) on that day; and to night-light called "rooming house haze." In the first place it prospered as Daisen Highway, and, in current Atsugi Highway, Nagatsuta seemed to prosper as post town way of visit to Oyama. It seemed to be used very much because it was easy to pass Daisen Highway from main road in the Edo era. It will be that this night-light played an active part as light lighting up step of traveler.

"Rooming house night-light"


To "grave of the Okanos" which is behind the temple while changing direction from here, and seeing evening bell of large Hayashiji. Person of Okano is chief vassal of Hojo and seems to be lord who ruled over the ground of this Nagatsuta as direct feudatory of a shogun in the Edo era. And, via Nagatsuta kindergarten which was seven Inari, mansion trace of lord, we entered mountain at prince Shrine, Fukusen-ji Temple.
Way which turns at map, and is displayed is actually bigger and, by here, intends to go straight to by oneself, and is it sideway? We walked this, and accident that we could not find monument which was on the map advanced relatively smoothly although we met. However, in paying charge account that did not usually read map by car navigation system reliance from here.

In being mountain path of straight road on map, but being actually divided into plural ways, and there being so-called "animal trail" again, and performing mountains, and coming. As for the encounter with snake on the way. Snake is not going to move this year whether heat answered for the snake year with lying on mountain path. We jumped and jumped over and advanced to point out of necessity. Of course snake is great weak point.
We heard theme song of movie "Totoro" when we walked this mountain path (radio and cassette player of factory) and heard call of bush warbler (this is genuine) and were able to experience forest bathing that I did not think immediately with the side of Route 246. Scene that a lot of cars stopped at center paved road of field as soon as we passed through the mountain path jumped into eyes. When we thought that it would be what and approached, it was temporary parking lot of athletic ground. We notice that at last we get a wrong way here and pass and return and arrive at Four Devas Corporation and are break.

Walk mountain path once again when stomach bulges, and come back to former Daisen Highway across national road with signal of Nagatsuta again, and enter thinner way at ahead of Morimura school, and to "Nagasaka night rain." We seem to have been accompanied by this name here because we reminded of state that traveler who put wearing a straw coat and a sedge hat at place to introduce atmosphere of old street into in now walked in the rain.

"Nagasaka night rain"

Furthermore, via high-class inn night-light, Oishi Shrine, Imperial rest house in the field place memorial, we passed through bottom of track and prayed with child care guardian deity of children and walked course of about 5 kilometers to return to Nagatsuta Station.
ho itanokanaa was alone, and people in old days walked the nadonado old days when courage would be in what walked with how much speed happily on the way whether traveler would still draw breath in old days at place with teahouse while thinking.

"Child care guardian deity of children"

Particularly, when we were reading "reason" with child care guardian deity of children which dropped in last, man who returned to home called out to guardian deity of children "now" and was gone, and mind became warm and we felt glad and were able to finish small trip.

This time limit (?of physical strength It had been "trip" that in a sense ex-Japanese was typical to be seen in sho) in various ways in a short time most reasonably, but not only we touched history, but also could touch warmth of which lived in Midori Ward, and it was for me on day of large satisfaction.
We will find time in future and want to enjoy history walk in ward. We have not been able to give up all ten views yet, and more interesting place seems to be in ward a lot. If there is slightly interesting course, please tell.

Nagatsuta history sight-seeing map (PDF: 3,855KB)
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